Project Craft Room – Ground Zero

Lo and behold! A crafter needs their space… And if its me, then it’s A LOT of space. And so begins the journey to my own personal Narnia: the perfect craft room.

We’ve always had a room reserved for guests in my house, but since I’ve been working from home about 80% of the time and my back is taking a hit from doing most of the work from my comfy bed, it’s time I make a better  space for myself to complete my work and also my crafting (because about half of my bedsheets have some sort of stain due to not-so-tiny craftccidents and that needs to stop too). So bye bye guest room, hello craft room!

This is really a super exciting project for me. I love to paint rooms and build IKEA furniture, so I’m quite literally living for this moment. I’ve gotten a head start to the planning with the help of my dear dear friend Pinterest, more specifically, a trusty secret board 😛 and I can’t wait to share the results little by little with you.

First things first – the before! The guest room wasn’t regularly as messy as it looks in these pictures… It just so happens that upon deciding that the transformation was happening, I got right down to business and moved the contents of the room away from the walls so I could start painting ASAP, and so the room looks like an abandoned storage unit.

**Peep the shirt from my 25th birthday party ::heart eyes emoji:: 

Obviously, that horrible brown had to go. When it came down to choosing a color scheme for the craft room, this was the picture that inspired it all:

Craft Room Color Palette Inspiration


And with that, I leave you! Off to paint 🙂 Do you have a craft room? How did you go about the remodel? Any suggestions for me? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Project Craft Room – Ground Zero

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