A Little Makeover Love for Grandma’s House

It doesn’t matter whose house I’m at or what country I’m in, if there’s an opportunity to do some little house project or craft, I’ll jump in right away. And then when there are no projects people want me to jump into, I’ll create my own.

My grandma’s house in Colombia is a second home for me, and my grandma loves when I show a little love to any corner of the house. She has two very artistic grandchildren, and since she’s a lover of the arts herself, she is all for us getting our hands dirty – but then thoroughly washing them before we touch anything else on the property.

The end of our trip was coming and my cousin and I were itching to do something and get that feeling of satisfaction over a newly completed craft. As I was pacing around the house, I realized the outside of my grandma’s house had some very pretty columns, but they were all white, and they had a lot of detail on the top, the type you see in movies or opulent architecture structures, that should be gold. And so I immediately thought to myself, this is it. This is my project. Let’s make grandma’s columns shine in the full glory they were intended to do! Also, the entire house was white, and it badly needed an accent wall. I’m notorious for pushing accent wall ideas on my mom 😛


I picked this for the accent wall because it was small and centric enough to make an impact with little paint

So I went to the hardware store, bought a quart of gold paint, some brushes, paint thinner, and paint tape, and got to work with my artistic cousin. It took us about two days to finish the details (there were a lot), but the final result was absolutely worth it.

Now, not so fast. for our first #FixItMoment of the year: since it was for exterior work, I got oil-based paint and thinner. And since both my cousin and I were painting simultaneously, we needed to have separate containers for the paint, so I poured some for me on a disposable plastic cup. So I’m mid-painting, minding my own business, when I start feeling a liquid trickling onto my toes and I can’t figure out where it’s coming from because I keep looking up… and then as soon as I look down and realize the paint is penetrating the cup and I’m about to cover it before it spills any further, the entire bottom of the cup gives out and disintegrates and ALL of the paint plummets to the ground and sprinkles all over me. I was in shock and unmovable for a good 5 seconds until I gathered my senses and went to grab thinner to clean up the mess before it dried, but you know what I’m also notorious for? Not wearing aprons or craft-friendly clothes when I’m working on something, and I wear pretty dresses instead… long story short, I was able to clean up most of the big mess but there were some dots that got absorbed by the gravel and by my dress, and these are permanent. The ground ones are not too bad or noticeable, and on my dress there was one pretty obvious one, but knowing me, I’ll wear it regardless. Not a total fix, but #ItsHandled.

And now, for the big reveal!

And the accent wall!

What do you guys think?! My grandma was SUPER happy with the outcome and everyone that came over afterwards said what a difference it made to the overall look of the house. Another remodel in the books!

DIY Toddler Toy Chest – Jungle 1, 2, 3 Theme

I know I’m not alone in the #CrazyAuntsClub being absolutely obsessed with my nephew and wanting to give him literally everything he may possibly enjoy, and as a crazy crafter, when the chance comes along to personalize something for him, I’m always on board before I even get asked.

Before my gorgeous and perfect little monster David Alejandro was born, my mom wanted to get him (among other things) something that could be used in his room and that could last him a long time. We were at Michael’s one random Sunday, and stumbled upon a plain blue knit style chest in the basket section, which my mom thought would be useful for anything. She gave me the “can you do something with this?” look, and my eyes lit up. I went over to the paint section to buy a few colors to add to my stash, and we barely made it out of the car before I started working on it.

My brother and his wife decided to decorate David’s room with the Jungle 1, 2, 3 theme, and so my mom wanted me to personalize the chest to seem like it was part of the set. Theme? Check. Paint? Check. Canvas? Check! I started drawing right away, even though I wasn’t sure how I would tie it all together or make it work, I was just anxious to start seeing it come alive.

I started with the monkey in the front – my brother has always had a thing for monkeys and we knew that should be the predominant image. Then I went to one side and made the giraffe, and drew the elephant on the opposite panel. Even though the animals were cute, I felt they were missing something. Since the monkey looked like he was hanging from something, I started painting a branch for him, and proceeded to make a full blown tree run along the whole chest. Looking at the front, I realized that the panel on the top lid had enough tiles to fit his first and middle names, with spaces and everything! I went into my bag of wooden letters, jumped of excitement for having the ones I needed, painted and glued them on to make it even more stimulating for David.

To finish off, the Jungle 1, 2, 3 set only has those 3 main characters, but I saw a couple of other interpretations of the theme with more animals like lions, zebras, birds, etc., so I thought it would be a nice complement to add the lion on the lid. It fit in perfectly:

Top Lid

Top Lid

And that’s it! I’m super proud of how it came out. I did 2 or 3 coats for each of the characters since the fabric absorbs a lot of the paint, and it really looks like it’s part of the original set.

Finished Product

Finished Product

My brother and his wife have used it in a couple of different ways, first for his clothes, and most recently it became his Toy Treasure Chest. It warms my heart to see him playing with it – he lives in Colombia so it’s mostly through FaceTime or videos – but he just looks SOOO cute next to it ❤

David Alejandro getting some thorough use from his toy chest <3

David Alejandro getting some thorough use from his toy chest ❤

I know for a fact that lots of aunts and moms out there go crazy crafting for the babies and toddlers of the house, and I would love to see some of your work! Comment below and link back to your blogs if you have them up 🙂

Project Craft Room – Ground Zero

Lo and behold! A crafter needs their space… And if its me, then it’s A LOT of space. And so begins the journey to my own personal Narnia: the perfect craft room.

We’ve always had a room reserved for guests in my house, but since I’ve been working from home about 80% of the time and my back is taking a hit from doing most of the work from my comfy bed, it’s time I make a better  space for myself to complete my work and also my crafting (because about half of my bedsheets have some sort of stain due to not-so-tiny craftccidents and that needs to stop too). So bye bye guest room, hello craft room!

This is really a super exciting project for me. I love to paint rooms and build IKEA furniture, so I’m quite literally living for this moment. I’ve gotten a head start to the planning with the help of my dear dear friend Pinterest, more specifically, a trusty secret board 😛 and I can’t wait to share the results little by little with you.

First things first – the before! The guest room wasn’t regularly as messy as it looks in these pictures… It just so happens that upon deciding that the transformation was happening, I got right down to business and moved the contents of the room away from the walls so I could start painting ASAP, and so the room looks like an abandoned storage unit.

**Peep the shirt from my 25th birthday party ::heart eyes emoji:: 

Obviously, that horrible brown had to go. When it came down to choosing a color scheme for the craft room, this was the picture that inspired it all:

Craft Room Color Palette Inspiration


And with that, I leave you! Off to paint 🙂 Do you have a craft room? How did you go about the remodel? Any suggestions for me? Comment below!