I’m Moving!

Life update!

I currently live with my mom in a big house which I occupy by myself for long periods of time because she travels a lot, so I’m left to tend to the house alone and even though it’s usually not a big deal, it became apparent what a burden it truly is during last hurricane season in Miami. Having a house with 38 windows at the time a hurricane is about to hit is nerve wracking (and in my case, also caused a few minor injuries last time).

When Matthew hit in October of 2016 I didn’t really worry about it and only half closed our accordion shutters (which make life SO much easier!), and thankfully they ended up not being needed. This year, with such devastation being caused by Harvey in Houston, we were a little more concerned when Irma came heading straight for Florida. The week leading up to its arrival I spent preparing the house, safeguarding documents, running around finding water, and completely shutting close our shutters, many of which were stuck due to lack of use. My dad actually wanted me to leave to my sister’s in New York, but traveling seemed more stressful to me at the time than sitting the hurricane out, and thankfully I was right. We were incredibly lucky to not have lost power for even a second the entire time, and the only damage to our house was a broken lamp outside.

After that, I sat down with my mom and told her I thought the time to move had come, and she was totally on board. Taxes and all the expenses that come with owning a house that big are pretty hefty, so we decided that we were also going to heavily downsize and try to get rid of as many things as possible. Our house is gorgeous but also filled to the brim with things we’ve carried with us for years, (even decades!), including sentimental things we brought with us from Venezuela 15 years ago and everything we’ve acquired in between. When you have a lot of space, you tend to fill it. I for one have my bedroom and a craft room to de-clutter and downsize, and I’m not looking forward to that AT ALL.

I asked my mom to hold on putting the house on sale until after Michelle’s bridal shower since I was hosting it, and now I’m happy to report that we’ve listed our house on the market and my mom moved FAST so we already found an apartment we’re hoping to move into ASAP. We will take advantage of the time we have between now and when the house closes to start selling what we can, donating what’s in good shape, and throwing out what is no longer of use. I must confess, I also told my mom not to count on me too much for the process until after Michelle’s wedding, since I do have quite a bit to work on, but we’ll do little trips here and there so the move is less daunting.

Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll post some makeover projects and I also foresee some IKEA building fun in the near future for me 😉

New OBSESSION: Mr. Kate!

Oh. Em. Gee. you guys! I just found the deepest YouTube black hole I’m about to fall into head first, and possibly never come out of. Most people don’t know this about me, but I spend a good amount of time on YouTube, half as a hobby, and half as work/research. Since I work in social media, I’m always trying to study the trends and see how we can implement whatever the kids want to see these days (hello, am I 80 yet?), but I have also inadvertently gotten invested in the lives and success of many of these digital influencers, and counting. And it’s all because of Jenna Marbles.

My top YouTuber to watch for more than a year now is Lilly Singh, aka iiSuperwomanii, who has a comedy/skit based main channel, and a second daily vlog channel where she shares a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in her life and work, and aims to motivate her viewers to hustle hard as we watch her do every day. Now, because of Lilly, I’ve come across many other creators and I have gotten attached to a few of them, but none have taken my heart and eyes by storm as much as Mr. Kate. An interior design/decorator, Kate Albrecht and her partner Joey Zehr aim to transform pretty much any space they walk into within a very short amount of time, and with all the unexpected twists and turns you can’t imagine. I consider myself a pretty creative and hands-on DIYer and handyman when duty calls, but Kate is simply fearless when it comes to juxtaposing textures, colors, materials and even multiple tastes into a single space.


Kate and Joey, no better DIY Demolishing Duo out there!

Lilly hired Kate to style her bedroom and her home office space, and it was simply love at first sight for me. The magic of Kate – besides her super charming and electric personality, her positive disposition, and boundless creativity – is that when you see each detail she is bringing into any space, there’s almost a speck of doubt “will this actually look good/cohesive with the rest of the stuff?,” and then you get to the end clip where they show the finished work, and you just have to scold yourself for ever having doubted Kate in the first place. She is INCREDIBLE and I can’t get enough of her. I immediately started back-watching everything she had ever posted, which is a lot of content and she has it broken up into series for our convenient viewing. Some of my favorites include:

  • O.M.G. We Bought A House! – a (so far) three-season style show on YouTube, with a format that EASILY competes with anything you can find on traditional TV and the likes of HGTV, where Kate and Joey purchase their first home, and do some serious remodel of every single nook and cranny of a decades-old house.
  • O.M.G. We Are Coming Over! – also known as O.M.G. WACO, taking the original OMG to new heights and places, as Kate and Joey style or remodel the homes/rooms/work spaces of mainly “digitally famous” people who much like themselves, found an online following. This one is a dangerous series, as Kate acts as the funnel to introduce me to many other creators I had no idea existed and now how am I supposed to ever get out of bed from watching so many people?! My favorite part of this one is seeing how Kate really absorbs the personalities and preferences of each of her Creator Customers, and creates a space that they could’ve never in a million years build for themselves, because we all have our strengths, but no one decorates like Kate.
  • Breaking Beige – a shorter series that showcases Kate and Joey making over smaller spaces where regular Joes and Janes suffer at the hands of incredibly monochromatic color-schemes in their homes, and Super Mr. Kate comes to the rescue to break them out of their beige cages and bring color and life into their homes.

All the shows are so well-done, and take full advantage of the season/show format YouTube offers like little other channels do. Kate has a clear vision, and the style of the shows is undoubtedly just as good, if not solidly better than whatever you can find on TV. It’s all really, REALLY well-executed.

I thought about adding pictures to this post of a few beautiful rooms Kate has created, but I simply can’t do that to all the other rooms. You just have to see for yourself! Also, the Mr. Kate channel is just about to cross the One Million YouTube Subscribers mark, so if anyone is looking for a new channel to watch endlessly, I can’t recommend this one enough!

Basically, if anyone needs me for the next couple of months, I’ll be binge-watching Mr. Kate until I can get through all of her videos and take in every gram of the fabulousness Kate has to offer.

Christmas & New Years Without My Craft Room :(

Lately, when I leave my house I feel a little bit of anxiety… for being away from my craft room, out of fear I’ll need a tool or something else I may have in there while I’m away. Or if I have an order in progress, I’m afraid of my house catching on fire, not because of my house, but because of the order. I know, I need a therapist lol, I’ve just really grown fond of being there and all my crafty possessions.

With this in mind, you can imagine when I go on an actual trip out of town, I may or may not go as far as caressing the walls on the way out, a little bit like this…

So when I left to Colombia for my prince’s birthday and to spend the holidays with the family, I took some coloring pencils, all my sketch books, some photo booth props I pre-made (for the birthday, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve), and that was it. Basically, anxiety to the MAX.

Then, my family decided that Christmas Eve would be celebrated at my grandma’s house, where we barely have some lights here and there, but no tree, or nativity, or garlands, or pretty much anything to make it feel like the season. With very little time and zero knowledge of places where I could get supplies, all while trying to not spend much money, my mom asked me to transform the house into a Christmas town. Want to guess how long I had to make this happen? SIX hours. Want to guess how much I missed my craft room and supplies? Manic depressive mode FULLY ON.

So… I ransacked my grandma’s closets and boudoirs looking for possible decor, grabbed my coloring pencils and my agenda, ripped out some pages, and tried to make a semi-cute garland. On ruled paper. I died a little inside. But hey, true creativity comes not exclusively while in the optimal environment. On the contrary, the true test of creativity is when you “make do” with what you have. Chopped style!

Here’s a little gallery of the transformation I was able to pull off for Christmas at my grandma’s!

So all in all, thanks to some last minute rentals, my foresight to bring the props and some bibbidi bobbidi boop magic, the Christmas town transformation was successfully pulled off! But just imagine what I could’ve done with a tenth of my supplies?

Moving on to December 31st… For New Year’s Eve, we were going to my grandma’s sister’s house, so thankfully I wasn’t in charge of decorating, but I still wanted to pitch in for the festivities, so besides making props (which everyone really enjoyed!) I wanted to make a garland I had seen… where do you think? Pinterest, of course. I don’t know what possessed me to make the props yellow and black, but they seemed like a good color palette for NYE, and so I wanted to also make the garland in that combination so that it seemed orchestrated. I got some tissue paper and got to work (toggle over the pictures to see instructions in each caption!)

So that’s it! Even though I missed my craft room and supplies TERRIBLY and I wish I could carry my entire stash on me, Mary Poppins style, I’m still happy with what I was able to accomplish on the fly 🙂



Project Craft Room – Thrifty Thrift Finds

Color me thrifty! I’ve always been as big of a frugal shopper as I can be, looking for sales, racking up coupons and going to traditional discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc., so I really can’t believe I’ve lived this long without enjoying the epicness of a Thrift Store. But when it came time to start finding pieces for my craft room and my budget was negative $5, I knew I would need to get really creative with my decor. I set some money aside to buy the actual furniture (from IKEA, more on that on another post coming soon) because thanks to Pinterest, I was dead set on what I wanted the layout to look like, but everything else would have to wait a bit…

When it came down to the decor, I wasn’t really sure what I would find, but I had an idea of what to look for since I already had my color palette and a few items in the vintage theme like the typewriter and the turntable/record player. A friend had told me about a strip mall with a few thrift shops about 20 minutes from my house, so I decided to go on a Saturday with another friend to see what treasures we would stumble upon (side note: going on a Saturday might not be such a good idea, it’s always PACKED!) Fortunately, we didn’t have to dig too deep to hit the jackpot, and I started finding gems within moments of walking in:

The first thing I saw was this Greek/Roman looking clock, very distressed with a hint of pale pink and overall perfect. Once I cleaned it and put in a brand new battery, it looked and worked as good as new!

WCB Thrift Finds Clock


Then, this pink globe caught my eye, because what office is complete without a globe? That’s right, not a single one! I didn’t notice at first, but the globe actually had a cable and a switch, which I was elated to find out still worked when plugged in! Illustrated by the gif below 🙂



Next, I saw the cutest little lamp base with two pink vintage boots, and it was equal parts adorable and nostalgic, exactly what I was looking for. I found an old timey looking lampshade nearby, and bam! Another thrift find complete –

WCB Thrift Finds Lamp

I rounded up the trip with a few more items like a pink vintage tray, some mugs for a soon-to-be-on-the-blog project, a magazine rack, and best of all, some vinyl LPs for my dear record player!

In total, I spent less than $30 for all of these items, and they’re absolutely perfect for the vibe I’m going for in my craft room, and I didn’t even know I needed/wanted them before seeing them ❤ I am officially in love with thrift shopping!!! Have you had cool thrift finds recently? Do you have any tips on finding awesome stuff? I’d love any help I can get since I’m new to this world 🙂

Project Craft Room – Details: Vintage Typewriter

Not too long ago, I got bit by this bug that left me permanently changed: the vintage bug! Sounds funny, I know, but the truth is I’m not really sure how or where it came from, but I became OBSESSED with everything vintage. I’ve always been told I’m an old lady, so it actually kind of makes perfect sense.

Anyhow, my bff Pinterest has helped grow and cultivate my love for the vintage vibe resulting in my “Vintage Bug” virtual pinning board, from which I’ve been drawing inspiration for my craft room remodeling since one of the characteristics of vintage items is pastel colors, and my craft room color scheme matches that to the t. I’ve been thinking of my craft room not only in the context of a home office, but kind of like how guys think of man caves, and I want to make sure the room contains items that are unique to my taste and that make me excited to be there.

One of the vintage items I’ve been most interested in acquiring is a typewriter. Yes. In the peak of the age of technology, miss cavewoman over here is regressing several decades. For me, typewriters have a sentimental value because my mom always tells me about her first jobs where she used to work with them, and I remember seeing her working on one when I was very little.

Now, as I mentioned on my previous craft room entry, I’m holding myself accountable to the color scheme of light teal/white/pale pink no matter what, and it would be AMAZING to have a pale pink typewriter as an accent piece in the room. Problem is, pink typewriters are very very VERY scarce, and extremely expensive, like in the $350 neighborhood. But, I’m determined!

I found this 1950-something blue consul typewriter on eBay from an antiques shop for less than $40, and since it’s a local seller I was able to arrange for pick-up instead of paying for shipping! “But, it’s blue!” you may say, and you’d be right… Except for the fact that I turned this into a crafting opportunity 😀 I’m turning this bad boy pale pink with the help of some spray paint!

See below the process of protecting the keys, and the final result!

I’m so so so happy with how it turned out, and the special touch it gives my craft room. I bought a new ink ribbon for it on Amazon which works perfectly, and the best part is my mom has shown me a couple of tricks to use it and definitely brought the nostalgia aspect I wanted 🙂 Do you like how it turned out? Do you have any items you wish you could paint over?

Project Craft Room – Step 1: Paint!

When I’m focused on a project (especially something that makes me happy) I don’t stop. Project Craft Room is the definition of 100% focus, and the paint job is all done!

As I mentioned on the ground zero post, this color palette inspired me to know what I wanted my craft room to look like. Basically, I want:

– Light teal/aqua walls

– White furniture

– Pale pink highlights

It’s super important for me to stay within these colors, because when we moved into our house a couple of years ago, I had originally intended to keep a dark teal, white and black scheme for the whole room, but my love of Britto art took over and the scheme went out the window. So this time around, I’m serious!

I went to Lowe’s to find a suitable light teal/aqua color, and I just fell in LOVE with a Valspar tone called “Frosty,” and it was the perfect choice. The color looks beautiful in contrast with the dark laminate floor, and the incoming light from the window just accents it even more. Besides my love for the color in general (it’s been among my favorites since the dawn of time), I recently read a study on the Color Psychology of Teal, and it turns out that its combination of blue and green tones makes for the perfect relaxation formula. “Blue positively communicates feelings of tranquillity and calm,” states Karen Haller, a renowned color and design consultant in the UK, “whilst green,” she continues, “positively evokes feelings of peace and balance. Teal is a great color to use where you wish to relax and unwind – to regain balance and equilibrium after a hectic busy day.”

This is exactly what I want from my craft room/home office. A space where I want to be, that helps me clear my mind, relax, and fuels my creativity. Needless to say, I’m STOKED with the results!

Now that the color is finished, I’m trying to take out all of the furniture so I can see the space and plan out how to best distribute each area. I’m so ready to create 😀 How do you like the color? Wasn’t the color psychology info interesting? Knowing this, what color would you choose for your work space? Leave a comment!

Project Craft Room – Ground Zero

Lo and behold! A crafter needs their space… And if its me, then it’s A LOT of space. And so begins the journey to my own personal Narnia: the perfect craft room.

We’ve always had a room reserved for guests in my house, but since I’ve been working from home about 80% of the time and my back is taking a hit from doing most of the work from my comfy bed, it’s time I make a better  space for myself to complete my work and also my crafting (because about half of my bedsheets have some sort of stain due to not-so-tiny craftccidents and that needs to stop too). So bye bye guest room, hello craft room!

This is really a super exciting project for me. I love to paint rooms and build IKEA furniture, so I’m quite literally living for this moment. I’ve gotten a head start to the planning with the help of my dear dear friend Pinterest, more specifically, a trusty secret board 😛 and I can’t wait to share the results little by little with you.

First things first – the before! The guest room wasn’t regularly as messy as it looks in these pictures… It just so happens that upon deciding that the transformation was happening, I got right down to business and moved the contents of the room away from the walls so I could start painting ASAP, and so the room looks like an abandoned storage unit.

**Peep the shirt from my 25th birthday party ::heart eyes emoji:: 

Obviously, that horrible brown had to go. When it came down to choosing a color scheme for the craft room, this was the picture that inspired it all:

Craft Room Color Palette Inspiration


And with that, I leave you! Off to paint 🙂 Do you have a craft room? How did you go about the remodel? Any suggestions for me? Comment below!