#TravelTuesdays – 24 Hours With Kathy in Miami: My First Blog for Nytro!

As part of my introduction as a new Nytro team member, I was asked to write a blog-style guide to living in Miami, and I really like how it turned out! Please check it out and give it a like 🙂 Here’s an excerpt to get you excited:

Home of the three-oh-five (305) area code, the strongest coffee known to man, and millions of Latin-American expats, Miami has also been home to me for the past 15 years, so I think I can give you a good virtual tour of the city. I’d say “Shall we?” but this also happens to be the birthplace of Pitbull, so a more fitting “Dale!” is in order.

Want to read more? The full blog is here. Come check out Miami with me! This is how fun I am 😀

Kathy at PAMM


#MyBestFriendsWedding Chapter 7 Part 2 – Nola Bach Weekend Activities (#TravelTuesdays)

You guys know by now that I can write for days on end, which is why I put the bach items in a separate post. Ready to dive right in to the day-by-day itinerary of the bachelorette I planned for my biff Michelle? Buckle up!

Oh, one thing. Michelle had one request: no strippers. Disclaimer: it wasn’t me!

*If you want a version of the plain hourly itinerary without my schpeal, here you go!*

Thursday, March 1st: Arrivals, Set-up, Welcome! 

I flew out early on Thursday morning to set up the apartment. Vanessa (Michelle’s future SIL) and Stephanie (day of coordinator) were also flying in early for a meeting with a client, and Ashtine (bridesmaid) would land in the afternoon. The bride and the rest of the crew would arrive at night. I headed to our HomeAway rental (Michelle wanted us all together, so a hotel was not an option) as soon as I landed. The location was PERFECT, near Bourbon and Frenchmen but not in the midst of the party craze. Stephanie put together the welcome boxes for the girls before heading out to her meeting (thank you Steph!), and I had lunch at Cafe Envie across the street while I waited for Ashtine to land. When she got to the apartment, we went to Walmart (the one on Tchoupitulas, which has a full Liquor Store inside) to stock up on supplies for the apartment. Here’s our shopping list. I ordered Uber Eats from Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for dinner to be ready at the apartment while we got the girls at the airport. Caro (bridesmaid) had this awesome idea to get picked up at the airport in a party bus, so we booked with Luxe Limousine, and our driver Darrow was AWESOME! He was there early, and even accommodated our request to stop for a drink before dropping us off. Thanks Darrow! Once we got to the apartment, we quickly changed, ate, and headed out to party on Bourbon! The best stop of the night was undoubtedly Cats Meow, which is always a great time with karaoke and consistently great MCs running the show! We even got on stage for a rendition of single ladies 😉 (video at the end!)


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Friday, March 2nd: NON-STOP Activities! 

We started off our morning with light breakfast in the apartment, and surprised Michelle with the Panty Line Poem. We caught her totally off guard and she loved it! For brunch, we headed to the most memorable meal of the whole trip – Atchafalaya. Then, it was time for the Gray Line Original Walking Cocktail Tour, where the group got to try Absinthe, Sazeracs, Sidecars (my favorite), Hurricanes (the good kind, stay away from the Pat O’Brien’s blend), and more! After the tour we headed back to the apartment to get ready for the nighttime activity: a Diva Royale “Real Housewives of New Orleans” Drag Show! They actually called us earlier in the day to let us know that they were merging the drag show with a Hunk-O-Mania… aka male strippers (remember, not my fault?!). We just rolled with it. When we got to Mags 940 (show bar), I was approached by the owner of the drag show to ask if we wanted to put Michelle in the hot seat. With Michelle’s consent, I said it was fine as long as she was only in a drag segment and not with a stripper. They respected our wishes and Michelle had an awesome experience on stage with a gorgeous, funny and great queen (video at the end!). The brides from other groups in attendance got the full Hunk-O-Mania treatment and we had A LOT of fun watching it, but Michelle (or her fiance) definitely would not have been ok with that lol! The show ran long and we were INCREDIBLY late for our dinner reservation at Three Muses, but they were SUPER accommodating and accepted our rescheduling needs. The food was delicious and the night ended partying on Frenchmen Street!


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Saturday, March 3rd: Sisters, Beignets & Aphrodisiacs! 

During my first trip to Nola in 2014, I had Sunday brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. Envisioning a floral brunch outside in the courtyard with a live jazz band, I pulled the trigger and made the reservation. The said they couldn’t guarantee courtyard seating but they made it happen and it was GORGEOUS. We couldn’t have asked for better weather that entire weekend, and the brunch was  whimsically beautiful AND delicious. After brunch, we had free time to walk around, try Cafe Du Monde/Cafe Beignet, visit the French Market, and have a lax afternoon until our 4:00pm Aphrodisiac Tour from Witches Brew Tours. Our tour guide Marillyn was just a delight, so funny and knowledgeable and she had a blast with our group. She gave us background stories on aphrodisiacs and then took us to experience them first-hand – chocolates from Sucré, hot sauces from the Pepper Palace, a quick look at toys and other fun items at Mr. Binky’s Boutique, oyster shooters from honestly I can’t remember where, and if the group is up for it, you can also fit in a quick visit to a Voodoo shop which is part of the Nola charm. For our last Nawlins supper, I booked us dinner at Criollo inside the Monteleone hotel, so we could pass by the Carousel Bar. I told the girls even before the trip not to get excited about the bar as it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a seat on it, no matter the time of the day, so they knew it was more of a picture opp than anything else. To our huge surprise because of our party size, the Criollo staff welcomed us in one of their private rooms. We felt like the Real Housewives of all the cities rolled into one, getting VIP treatment! It really was the perfect closing to the trip. We actually sang happy birthday to Michelle here because her birthday was coming up that following week, so we got those festivities started. After dinner, we headed out to enjoy our last night in Bourbon and then made our way back to the apartment for a few hours of sleep, before catching our flights back home.


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I hope you enjoyed my endless recount of this weekend that I will forever cherish as I hope Michelle and the rest of the girls do. New Orleans is a very fun city, and a top choice destination for bachelor/bachelorette parties because of their chill party scene, yummy food (seriously, you have to make an effort to find bad food in Nola), and cheap drinks!

Made it this far? You unlocked our FINAL RECAP VIDEO! 😉  

#TravelTuesdays – Hamilton AND Dear Evan Hansen in ONE WEEKEND? FOR FREE?!?!?

Yes, dear reader. You read that right. “But how did you manage to get into two of the hottest Broadway shows in a single weekend? And for free?” you ask? Sit tight, patience got me these experiences, and it shall get you the answer.

I read a daily newsletter that covers U.S. and world events in an engaging tone called TheSkimm, and I have referred enough people to it to become a Skimm’bassador. One of the perks of being an “SB” is being part of a Facebook group with over 12,000 other SBs, and it’s a group many of us are fond of due to the sharing nature of many of its members. In November of 2016, an SB posted on the group that a new wave of Hamilton Tickets for shows from May to October of 2017 had gone on sale in their regular Ticketmaster pricing. Normally, these tickets are gone within minutes thanks to bots and regular thirsty people like myself who really want to get their hands on tickets, but, this was November 9th, which was the day after the election in the U.S. and many people were too enthralled watching (or reeling from) the news to care about anything else. Because of this, I managed to go in and snatch myself 2 sets of tickets for shows in the weekend before my birthday in October. I figured, I’ll go to one and sell the other, and depending on how much I sell them for, I just might be able to cover the whole trip! That was wishful thinking at its best. At the time, ticket resales were going for much, much higher than now, since demand is not as crazy with shows opening up across the country and now even in London. So, that was that. I purchased my tickets, and waited patiently until it was time to put them up for sale.

Then, on March 6th of this year, I was on the phone with my brother, who had originally told me he wanted to come to the show with me, and I went on Ticketmaster to check my seats to see which of the two shows was better, when I saw a little message saying that a new wave of tickets was going on sale the next day at 10:00 am. OMG. Ticketmaster does not notify people when tickets go on sale, because they’d never be able to deal with the servers crashing from the volume of visitors, so it’s up to random humans to keep checking until they know when the sale day will be, and they spread the word. By chance, I found out just in time. I tell my brother the news, and he tells me he’s going to buy a set the next day, and I can’t resist the urge and end up buying a third set of tickets, in a very good section, this time for a show on November 10th. At this point I have in my hands 3 sets of tickets for shows on the 19th and 21st of October, and for November 10th. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to see Hamilton in 2017! All I had to do was pick a date and sell the other two sets.

Fast-forward to the Tony Awards, which took place on June 11th. By this point, I had already heard of Dear Evan Hansen and I was a fan of the few songs I’d heard, and of course I loved Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect… but I had looked at tickets recently and everything was pretty much gone except for the price-hiked “preferred seating” section… and I just didn’t want to drop that kind of money. Until I watched the Tonys and in the heat of the moment, I said eff it, and bought myself a pair of tickets to go see Dear Evan Hansen on the same weekend in October that I had two pairs of Hamilton tickets for.

At this point, I had spent $1,200 in all 3 sets of Hamilton Tickets, and $700 for 1 pair for Dear Evan Hansen. Someone needs to hide my wallet during award shows. JK, I know my credit card number by heart.

There was a lot of back and forth on who’d be my date for the plays, but I’ll save you the story and jump to the part where it was decided my dad would join me. Since his birthday is October 24th (TODAY! Happy birthday dad! <3) and mine is October 26th, this was shaping up to be the best pre-birthday weekend, ever. My dad found a great hotel deal and we were all set for the weekend. Now all I had to do was sell my extra tickets…

In mid-September my brother texts me and tells me he sold his Hamilton tickets for a good chunk of money and he was super happy with the extra cash. I was so relieved, because Hamilton was much more accessible by now than when we first got the tickets, so I was starting to get paranoid that we weren’t going to be able to resell them, and I thought he was going to be so mad at me for the idea. So the sigh of relief when he got rid of his was HUGE! A few days after, I checked back on Ticketmaster to see why my tickets weren’t selling, and turns out the section all around me had dropped prices. So I extra dropped mine to where I was still making a good amount but lower than everyone else, and within minutes – BAM. Sold my tickets. These were for one of the October sets (I kept the one with better seats for myself and sold the other one), I still had the November ones to sell, but I let those do the work themselves. Then, while I was in New York, ready to catch Hamilton in its full glory, I get another e-mail – BAM BAM. The November tickets sold too. And those were really good seats, and I was able to make a good chunk off of those. Basically, between the two sales, I made back exactly what I had spent on all four (3 Hamilton + 1 Dear Evan Hansen) sets of tickets and completely broke even. To the cent. I actually got to see Hamilton AND Dear Evan Hansen, in one weekend, for free. Not to mention, just a month later Ben Platt was ending his show run, so I felt even luckier and had even less regrets about having bought those highly priced tickets.

My dad and I went to both musicals and words can’t express what it felt like to be able to take him and gift him this experience. He’s always been so gracious and has gifted us with countless trips and concerts and plays in the past, and to be able to take him to the biggest shows of the year and in some pretty good seats = PRICELESS.

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#TravelTuesdays – A Birthday Weekend in Cartagena!

For those who do not know, my mom is Colombian and my Colombian heritage is very strong and kept alive by constant visits to this beautiful land I’m blessed to call one of my homes. I was born in Venezuela, but I’ve spent a good chunk of my life and gone through some important milestones while on trips in Colombia. The only thing is that since 99% of my family is from and lives in Santa Marta (the oldest city in Colombia, a coastal town next to Barranquilla), that’s pretty much the only place I go to and truly know. So when my friend Iselle told me she wanted to celebrate her birthday in Cartagena, I was very excited for the opportunity to finally expand my horizons and see another part of this homeland of mine!

Trip logistics, really quickly for your amusement:

My friend Ashtine was having her engagement party in Miami on Friday, December 23rd. I booked my flight to leave on December 24th at 2:00 am, meaning I went straight from Ashtine’s party to the airport. Landed in Santa Marta on the 24th around 11:00am, minus my carry-on which they made me check at the door and they lost in Bogota, but it thankfully arrived in the afternoon! Stayed in Santa Marta until Friday, January 13th, when I went to Cartagena by car (it’s about a three-hour ride), and after spending the weekend there, flew from that airport back to Miami. So when I booked my flight, it was:

MIA-BOG-SMR — //– CTG-MIA  –> Thank you multi-city booking function!

Now, on to the action: Hola Cartagena! When I agreed to the trip, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard a lot about Cartagena’s “ciudad amurallada” or walled city, which is where the historic downtown festive area is, surrounded by a wall (hence the name), and because I’m so used to Santa Marta, I expected a similar vibe. The first thing that I will tell you I assumed and was DEAD wrong about was that Cartagena would have beautiful beaches. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Santa Marta has dozens of beautiful beach locations, reachable by car/boats/hikes, in every direction. Cartagena is surrounded by water, but the tide is very high and the wind makes tons of little sandstorms, and there really isn’t much “beach” space per se. You have to sail off to find a semi-decent beach, and even then, it’s just not good. More on this later. Let’s go day by day –

Friday, January 13th: 

Iselle, Ian and I were the three amigos embarking on this trip. Ian and Iselle were flying in separately, and I was driving in. They both arrived at the hotel before me, and went off to wander around. Iselle found a deal for us to stay at Casa Cordoba Roman (or Casa Roman, it has a few different names), a house type of place. Our room had a nice balcony, two stories, and space for about 4 people to sleep comfortably in a king bed, and two twin-size mattresses. Iselle and Ian found a bar and some wifi and texted me so I went to meet them there. We had some drinks at Plaza Santa Teresa and kicked off the weekend festivities. Went off for some yummy dinner at Juan del Mar, went back to the room to drop our leftovers and then went to check out the bars and nightlife. The place that stood out the most to me was Alquimico. Perfect libations spot for some new and exciting drinks! Went to a bunch of random bars all within the walled city, and since I was still not tired when we got back, we went up to the rooftop of Casa Roman to take a night/morning swim before bed. Just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday, January 14th: 

We woke up “early” (8ish) with the goal of checking out Islas del Rosario (Rosary Islands), which I’d heard very little about, other than you got there by boat, which I was very used to doing in Santa Marta. When we got to the information spot, it was like 9:30, by which time the boats are gone. It’s also a 45 minute-1 hour boat ride, so it was not what I was used to or expecting at all. But now with our newfound information, we knew to come prepared tomorrow. We ended up meeting up with one of Ian’s friends who is a local in Cartagena, and he took us on a walk outside of the Walled City for us to see more of the Cartagena every day life. We decided to go to the Castillo San Felipe – one of the oldest structures in Barranquilla, built to defend the city from a siege – and then ended up at the Boca Grande mall for some yummy desserts. Went back to the hotel to change, and then did a Chiva Loca tour at night (“crazy goat” party bus, no actual goats involved) which was super fun. I’d always wanted to do one in Santa Marta, but it never panned out, so this was my first Chiva experience, and it was a great introduction. We went out in Getsemani, which is the neighborhood across from the Walled City, where college students and locals typically go out the most. It’s less of a tourist trap than inside the Walled City. We hit up a few bars and after we had our fill, we went back to the hotel, ready to get up early (really early this time) for our Islas del Rosario adventure.

Sunday, January 15th: 

As I mentioned earlier, I have lots of experience riding boats to beaches in Santa Marta from before I could even speak. It’s normal, chill and totally not scary, even though the boats are super dingy and old, I know the drill. Those are my people. Cartagena though, is a whole other animal. Santa Marta’s 5-10 minute coastal boat rides have nothing on this open water hour-long business. First, you have to outsmart the people trying to hustle money out of tourists around and outside of the Walled City. Being from Colombia and having our local friend there was huge in not letting these people screw us over (they still kinda did, but it would’ve been so much worse if we weren’t aware of their tactics). So, the trip works like this: you leave at 9:00 am on a speedboat that takes you outside of Cartagena’s water limits, into the open water of the Mar Caribe. The ride to the first stop is about 45 minutes. My friend Iselle and I were not big fans of this speedboat, as you can tell the drivers are a little reckless and just wanna get to the islands fast. We were holding on to the poles for dear life, and the waves were very high so the boat bumps were no fun. Ian, on the other hand, loved it and felt he was being rocked to sleep… different strokes! When you’re sold on the tour, you’re told you’re going to make 2-3 stops. Playa Blanca (white beach), the Aquarium, and another beach on the way back. As soon as we boarded the boat, they told us we wouldn’t be able to go to Playa Blanca because of the tide, so we’d go to the Aquarium instead, and if we didn’t want to go in there, we could swim elsewhere. Once we made it alive to the islands, the story changed and they wanted to charge us to do the aquarium or another snorkeling activity. Jesus (our local friend) and I fought these guys and did not let them screw us over, until they took us to a nearby spot where we could swim as we were promised. After that, we started heading back towards Cartagena for our second stop, when the boat died mid-ride, in the middle of the open sea, with a lottttttt of waves. Thank God I’m not one to get seasick, because that was enough rocking to make anyone throw up. The crew managed to get the boat running just enough to get us to the next stop, which wasn’t the pretty beach we were promised, but rather a murky shallow stop in a small town. Kids are coming up to you constantly begging for coins, it’s honestly so sad. We had lunch there, which was included in the price of our boat ticket, and after an hour or so, we headed back and I’ve NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY to be done with a tour, and ALIVE! I legitimately feared for my life, and it wasn’t just paranoia. A couple of weeks before we were there, a boat tipped over and at least one passenger died. It’s not uncommon for those accidents to happen, as those boat drivers seem like they’re actively auditioning for Fast & Furious, Cartagena Drift… Anyway, after this adventure, we went back to the hotel to shower and change, and then headed to a restaurant that was recommended to Iselle by her coworkers called La Vitrola. So, so good. We were almost turned away because the place gets packed and requires reservations, but we managed to make it in. The food was delicious and the service stellar, couldn’t have asked for a better last night in Cartagena. Afterwards, we went out to hit up all the random bars we hadn’t visited during the first two nights, and went back to pack and get ready for our return home. Ian would be flying out at 5 am, I was flying out at 7, and Iselle at 11.

Thanks for the memories, Cartagena!

My life revolves around maps… Canvas Travel Map DIY

I think at this point it’s pretty clear I have a thing for maps and lists, right? But since pretty much all of this obsession has yielded multiple DIY projects I’ve accomplished with massive discounts, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and call it a day. Cool? Cool.

Do you remember WAYYYYY back in the day when Facebook had a map functionality (which I’m sure it still does, it’s just not “trending” right now) where you could input all the places in the world where you had been and also see what percentage of the world you friends had traveled? Well, this definitely sparked my interest in having a more tangible version of this that I could look at to inspire my wanderlust bucket list, and also would make me feel happy bringing back memories while looking at the places I had been before.

Making this happen took quite a while because as usual, when you have such a strong vision of something you want it’s either super expensive, or it doesn’t exist. In my case, I really wasn’t keen on paying more than a certain amount for something I knew I could make happen for a much lower cost, so I started the hunt!


The first item I was looking for was an actual canvas map of decent size. It’s funny because this was actually MY VERY FIRST GROUPON PURCHASE!! Throwback! #TBT… Now I don’t know about you, but Groupon is definitely one of my top go-to sites/apps when I’m doing research on an item because it usually has some pretty good offers, and this was a great deal to this day from what I’ve seen. Anyways, at the time, Groupon was offering this great deal on canvas maps that were originally close to $80 for just $19.99 + free shipping. I chose the earth-toned unframed map (no longer available) because I wanted the map to be on a cork board so I could stick pins on the places I’d visited. The Groupon was as easy as buy, choose, order! I was very excited when my map came in, and it absolutely fit the vintage-y vibe I was going for.


After finding the map, it spent a couple of years rolled up waiting for a cork board that fit the size, had the right framing, and of course, was pocket-friendly. One day while I was at Jo-Ann looking for god knows what, I stumbled upon this cork board that looked like it would be a good fit for the map, and it was on clearance! I wasn’t sure about the measurements, but I took the plunge and bought it. To my great delight, it fit it ALMOST perfectly. Isn’t it the best when you stumble upon what you need when you’re not looking for it? YES! Yes it is! Now for the “almost” perfect fit part – the map actually has a cute border design, but it went a little over the frame on the cork board. Not to worry though – pair of scissors enter stage right and bam! I cut off the bottom border and glued it on top of the canvas so it’s still there and now the map fit perfectly! You can’t even tell it’s cut & glued unless I told you.


I glued the edges of the map (not the middle so it wouldn’t make the canvas too hard for the pins) to the cork board with some Beacon 527 Multi-Purpose Glue , which is literally my life and soul. I love that freaking glue! And then I wanted the map to kind of look like “dropping a pin” in real life, so I bought some red Loops & Threads Long Pearlized Pins at Michael’s, and started pinning away my prior travels. My map looks like it got chicken pox all over North & South America (and a tiny bit in Europe) and I love it! I’m doing my best to keep spreading the red all over 😉

WCB DIY Travel Map 1

Chicken pox hitting hard in the western hemisphere!


Map = $19.99

Frame = $11.99

Pins = $4.99

Glue = $2.50 (coupons!)

TOTAL: $39.47

The WHOLE project is up and running for under $40! And it will of course be a beautiful addition to my beloved Craft Room 🙂

WCB DIY Travel Map 2

Dropping a pin on my most recent and unforgettably amazing trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco ❤

#TravelTuesdays – A Flytastic Weekend in Napa

Since my San Fran blog post was getting out of hand long, and because Napa is a completely different experience than San Francisco, I decided to give it its own post. Buckle up winos!

Saturday, April 11th

We left for Napa at about 7:00 am on Saturday. It was my little Ana’s birthday, and we had booked a biking tour through Napa wineries, and we had to be there by 9:30 am. The drive from San Francisco to Napa is about an hour and a half, and we needed to fit in a breakfast for the drinking ahead. We stopped at a random breakfast spot that was pretty bad, and I found hair in my food, so that was that… No biggie, on to an awesome day of wine tasting! We had booked our biking experience with Napa Valley Bike Tours, because Ana had been “dreaming” about biking around vineyards. I wasn’t too fond of the idea to begin with, because I figured being on a party bus would be a more fun experience, and I was right. We had already biked a long trek the day before, and when you’re not used to the biking seats, your butt hurts A LOT. Putting it on another bike the very next day does not help. The ONLY reason I agreed to do this was because I had read the reviews and they said that if for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable with the biking experience, they’d send a van to drive you around instead. I knew in my heart I’d end up in that van, and I made my peace with it. The biking from the Napa Valley Bike Tours to the first winery – Foley Johnson – was about 7 miles I believe. I BARELY made it. I was in so much pain, it took everything in me not to stop in the middle of the road and call the van. As soon as we arrived and parked our bikes, I let our tour guide Stephanie know that I’d be needing the van for the rest of the trek. She said no problem and called it over. We had our first tasting, which was great, and as the group headed out on the bike, I climbed on the van and quickly made friends with the driver, a darling lady named Carol. I witnessed people falling off their bikes and instantly rejoiced in my decision. The next winery was Rutherford, which I LOVED, and that’s where the Bike Tour company served us a nice picnic style lunch. Afterwards, we went to a third winery called ZD Wines. Nothing too memorable from there other than the beautiful variety of flowers. By the end of the tour, another 5 people had joined Carol and I on the van, usually after a fall. Once the tour ended, we headed to our hotel to shower and change, as we had dinner reservations to honor the birthday girl. Per Trip Advisor recommendations, I booked our dinner at Celadon, in downtown Napa. We drove over and had a great dinner. We tried to keep the party going for Ana, but we were all exhausted, her most of all, so we just called it a night and went back to the hotel, especially because we had another extremely early morning coming on Sunday.


Sunday, April 12th – 

4:30am wake-up call. Why? Well, a month before the trip, Ana called me to convince me to go with her on a hot air balloon. You see, I have a pretty bad fear of heights and a moderate case of vertigo, but I usually like to challenge both by flying/going to tall buildings/riding roller coasters, etc. The one thing that never made it on my bucket list was a hot air balloon. I really didn’t find the experience appealing and I thought I’d just be freaking out the entire time. But… I also thought ‘if I’m going all this way to have this great trip, I want to really experience it all.’ So I said yes, and we booked the balloon with Balloons Above the Valley. A few of the people on the bike tour with us had done them that morning and highly recommended them. That appeased my anxiety just a bit. Anyway, back to 4:30 am. We’re up and getting dressed because we had to be at the meet-up hotel no later than 6:00 am. They had coffee and pastries for our pre-flight fill. We were assigned groups and climbed on some vans to head out to the fields where the balloons were being inflated as we were arriving. It’s a crazy experience to see the baskets and the indescribably large balloon “sacks” as they’re expanding and shooting upwards with the short bursts of fire. We were on the last balloon to go up. It was 6:30ish when we were about to board, so I FaceTimed my mom (who was 3 hours ahead on Eastern Time) in case I died. Spoiler alert: I did not. Our flight captain was a veteran in the trade with 25+ years of experience flying hot air balloons. Cool. We climbed into the baskets (quite hard to do) and they don’t tell you how crammed it feels in there when the whole group is in. You have very little space, and the basket is divided in sections that fit 2-4 people. The “magic” of the lift-off is unreal. I was scared, but I felt my fear fading into awe as we rose practically with the sun and saw the most magical sight of sunrise + fog + wineries and beautiful homes as far as the eye could see. The ride was no longer than 30 minutes long, and once I was up there I was enjoying the view, taking pictures, and basking in the moment. Our ride was very fun and calm, and then came the moment to coordinate the landing. You see, you can’t really predict where you will land because it depends on the wind, but these seasoned captains have some idea of a radius where they will make landfall. The captain warned us all to squat a little bit as we were approaching ground so that the hit wouldn’t hurt our knees, and next thing we knew, a eucalyptus field was upon us (or were we upon it? I don’t know). The smell was great, but the morning moisture in that climate was definitely not welcome, brrr. Anyway, good landing as far as I can tell in my limited 1/1 experience. We survived! YAY! After the flight, the vans took us back to the meet-up hotel where they offered a brunch for an additional fee, but we had other plans so we left – but not before being suckers and falling for the $20 pictures they offered. I ALWAYS want the damn pictures. We had decided to go to four more wineries on Sunday before heading back to SF: Domain Chandon, Chappellet and whatever else was around. Domain was fine, I’m not big on champagne (or sparkling wine). Chappellet was the one we had to make a reservation for and Oh. My. Lord. What an amazing experience, from beginning to end. First, the drive. Chappellet is located on a hill in Saint Helena, and the journey up is straight out of a movie. The mountains in the distance, the fields, the vineyards in our view… it was magical. We were playing fun California-related tracks, singing along, taking it all in. We made it to the winery right on time for our reservation, and the place is ridiculously gorgeous/awesome. You’re surrounded by barrels at all times and it just feels like the most Napa place ever. The wines were so good, we all subscribed to their wine club and bought a crate to get shipped back home. We were sat with two ladies from Napa who really know their wines, and they recommended we go to lunch at Tra Vigne to have their mozzarella appetizer, and then make our way to Turnbull and Mumm wineries. So we did! Tra Vigne was DELICIOUS, Turnbull was a stunning picture location with great wines, and Mumm had some refreshing and yummy options. I wasn’t drinking too much because I was the designated driver, but that was ok. I really enjoy driving, and I left this trip discovering my dream job was Uber driver in Napa. As Mumm was getting ready to close, it was time for us to head back to San Fran, which we were so not ready to do. Napa was an incredible experience, took us out of our comfort zone and provided us wine 9-5 every day. What’s not to love?! But the drive back to SF was beautiful too, and getting to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge has no match. Thanks for everything Napa!

#TravelTuesdays – An Unforgettable Week in San Fran!

My oh my oh my… if there’s one place I can see myself living in, it’s San Francisco. Fresh off the plane, I can’t even begin to describe the epicness of this trip. I’m making up words to explain it kind of amazing. Where shall I begin?

About two months ago, maybe a little more, my sorority little sister Ana and I were talking about how badly we wanted to take a trip together (I don’t think we’ve flown anywhere before this), and she had just been to Sonoma with a few friends, and her withdrawals were very very real. I, on the other hand, was on track to quit my job and wanted to start my newly found freedom with a bang. San Francisco and Chicago were at the top of my to-do list so we said – let’s do it, and so we did! The trip would also coincide with Ana’s birthday. Birthday, job-quitting, & drinking. What a trifecta!

We would spend two days in San Fran, then rent a car & drive to Napa for the weekend, and come right back for another two full days in the city. Done and done! We began booking hotels, making lists of must-see places, asking for recs and before we knew it, we were taking off! We ended up doing the trip with my grand-little Laura, and Ana invited a friend from work (Erica) to join us as well. When I went to New Orleans last year, I kind of jumped on the trip very last-minute, so I just went along with what everyone else had planned and didn’t care to look up things beforehand. This time around, my Type A self went full-force and created almost an hour-by-hour itinerary for each of the days, which didn’t pan out exactly as planned because of some misinformation, but it worked itself out. Without further ado, here is the rundown of our glorious six days in San Francisco!

(Side note: I linked all of my Trip Advisor reviews here so I don’t go into too much detail and make this longer than it already will be!)

(Side note 2: there are a lot of stories of taxi and Uber drivers. This city is full of either ridiculously friendly or at least very interesting drivers!) 

Thursday, April 9th

We flew out of MIA at 6:00 am, had a layover in IAH and landed in SFO around noon. Laura and Erica were in separate flights, so we waited for them to land and promptly headed to our hotel, King George on Mason street, just a block from Union Square. A friend of Erica’s that lives in the city met up with us and walked us over to Colibri Mexican Bistro for a quick lunch and some great margaritas, and then it was time for us to tourist around on our own. We made our way down to Fisherman’s Wharf to regale in some happy hour drinking at Lou’s Fish Shack, and then, the long-awaited moment in every 90s kid’s life when, after years of watching the Full House credits, you get to see the Golden Gate Bridge in its full glory. We got in an Uber to Sausalito for our dinner reservation, and when our driver heard we had literally just gotten off the plane a few hours before, he made extra stops to show us the best angles to catch the bridge, and took our pictures. He was awesome! It was breathtaking, everything we’d hoped for, and so so much more! We got to our dinner reservation at Le Garage, which was very nice but to be quite honest, between the little pre-travel sleep, the jet lag and our early jump start to drinking, we probably were too exhausted to properly enjoy the experience. At that time, Uber was having a massive surge so we decided to have the restaurant call us a cab. We’re picked up by an older cab driver wearing fingerless biker gloves, with a big bulky bag in the passenger seat. I make nothing of it, but later find out that Ana and Laura were immediately skeeved out by it. As we’re driving back, the driver finds out it’s our first day in town, and he tells us he’s going to show us THE BEST view of the bridge in the whole city. I’m elated, but Laura and Ana are beginning to actually worry as he goes off the main road and up a deserted and dark hill, straight out of a scary movie. Fortunately, our driver was just a very nice guy and did show us a stunning night overhead view of the bridge and San Francisco, and got us back to our hotel, safely.

Friday, April 10th

We started with breakfast/brunch at this place called Plow, recommended by a friend, and it was just so SO so good. I want to go back already for more. Afterwards, it was time to bike through the Golden Gate Bridge! Now, for the novices like myself – when Ana told me we were biking through the bridge, I imagined there would be a bike station on either side of the bridge where you would bike from one end to the next, and that was that. Nope. Not the case at all. There are countless bike rental spots in the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you pick up a bike and ride it (sometimes upward) all along the bay. Then you make it to the bridge, and then it’s a trek of three miles mostly downhill to Sausalito. I for one am not in the greatest shape ever, and that was a little more bike-riding than I wanted to do. Ana was fresh off some resistance training with Orange Theory so she had a completely different experience (lol). They tell you if you don’t want to bike back (and we didn’t) we could take the Ferry back from Sausalito to the city. As soon as we arrived in Sausalito, we bought our Ferry tickets. We walked around the beautiful picturesque town, and ended up having a late lunch at Poggio. When it was time to come back for the Ferry, the line was INSANE. Like we were never going to get on a boat, and we were wasting daylight. So we decided to hail a cab instead. This was another interesting ride where it wouldn’t do it justice to say the car smelled like teenage spirit… but the driver was Haitian and so I decided to practice my French during the ride to pass the time. We arrived back at the Wharf, returned our bikes and then started walking around thinking about what to do. We passed one of those stands where they sell you tickets to the double-decker buses, and decided to ask the guy for advice on what to do (it was too late to get on a tour at that time). He recommended we keep going west on Beach Street, make a left on Hyde Street and walk up until we hit the top of Lombard and its crooked hill. Take the photo opp, and then go down the curves until we hit Columbus, where we’d find a bar/cafe with $2 drafts to make up for the hiking. YES PLEASE! We did exactly that, and it was awesome. We got very drunk at 901 Columbus Cafe, where we ushered in Ana’s birthday at 9:00 pm PST, because it was midnight on the East Coast. From there, I frankly can’t remember if we walked or Uber’ed to Bangkok Noodles & Thai B.B.Q. where we had some yummy food, and then headed back to the hotel to go to sleep because we had to be up at 6:00 am to drive to Napa.

Saturday, April 11th & Sunday April 12th – I’ll do separate post for Napa because this is already too long and we have two more days in San Fran to cover!

Monday April 13th

We resisted the urge to go back to Plow for breakf – just kidding. We couldn’t resist, but it closes on Mondays so we didn’t have a choice. We had lots of recommendations and opted for Sweet Maple to try their world famous Millionaire’s Bacon. I’m not big on bacon (don’t @ me), but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. After the breakfast, we decided it would be appropriate to do a double-decker tour around all of the city, since it was a BEAUTIFUL day. What people don’t know is that even though Chicago got the “windy city” nickname, San Fran is actually very much up there trying to take the title. We were FREEZING on the top deck with all the wind and couldn’t find enough fabric to cover ourselves with during the tour. Other than that, we managed to get on a bus with an AWESOME tour guide, I believe his name was Luca (?), and he was so funny. Those guys really make or break the tour. Once we got off, we had lunch at Bistro Boudin so we could enjoy some legendary sourdough, and then went around the Wharf walking looking for something else to do. We arrived at Madame Tussaud’s and I have to say, that was my first and last experience at a wax figure museum. Nothing wrong with the place, but the figures are too creepy for my taste. Never again! But the staff was super mega friendly so that’s definitely a plus for them. We decided to close the touristing around with a little tour of the Ghirardelli factory, and then headed to a nearby Walgreens to get some souvenirs.

Tuesday, April 14th

Laura and Erica both left on Monday, so it was down to Ana and me for the last day of activities. We went back to Plow because we had to, and we could, and we haven’t been more proud of a decision in our entire lives. Then we headed down to the piers to see if we could get on a tour to Alcatraz, but now we know those things are booked at least a week in advance. We decided to do the “Escape from the Rock” tour with an award-winning narration of the attempts at escape from the prison, which was very interesting, and it was an all-around awesome experience because at that point we’d biked through the Golden Gate Bridge, driven through it, and now we were sailing under it to spend a few anxiety-ridden minutes taking in the vastness of the Pacific. It was an awesome experience. When we got the tickets the tour was still about an hour away, so we decided to walk over to Pier 39 to say hi to the seals. Interesting creatures! Then, we went to get our fill of tourism basicness – taking pictures in front of the Painted Ladies, going to the ACTUAL Full House house which the owners painted purple to try and dissuade tourists from finding it, but you can’t fool us all! And then, we decided to close the trip with a recommendation from Pinterest of restaurants with the best views to visit in the world, so we made our way up to the 39th floor of the Marriott Marquis San Francisco to enjoy a drink (or two, or three) at The View, and say see you later to this beautiful, welcoming and incredible city we got to enjoy so much of!

And of course we closed the trip with an airport drink before our red-eye 😉