Seemingly unable to fully let go of the corporate world in which they repeatedly encourage us all to have a healthy “work-life balance,” I like to take advantage of my down time to craft. Crafting has always been sort of therapeutic for me, as I can get lost in the moment for hours (and even days) at a time, and the feeling of accomplishment yielded by a finished product makes my brain release unmatched amounts of endorphins and dopamine <- look at me balancing the arts and sciences!

Wanting to take my crafting to the next level (making toilet paper roll mice was getting old), I launched this blog and an Etsy shop (currently on vacation mode as I am playing up the ‘Work’ in ‘WCB’ at the moment) together with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts to cover all my crafting bases. Feel free to follow/like/subscribe – all the things.

I love partnerships, meeting new people and trying new things. If you have an idea or think we can make some magic together, I’d love to chat! wcbcraftstudio@gmail.com is the equivalent of my bat-signal.

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