Birthday To-Do Lists – for 21 and beyond

One of the most important moments in the life of any human living in the US is their twenty-first birthday, because even though we come of age at 18, we cannot legally drink until we are 21.

There are lots of different ways in which the birthday boy/girl lets everyone know that they’re now officially part of the drinking community, and I’m a huge fan of one in particular – the 21st Birthday To-Do List Sign with 21 activities/dares. These are done in tons of different shapes like the number 21 or a glass.

Funny thing is, my friends and I have talked recently about the fact that we all wanted to sport one of these, but we seemingly forgot to make them for each other, so we never got the chance 😦

This week I received two orders from my Etsy listing for these signs in the shape of a crown, and one requester put her own spin on some to-do list items from the activities I included as a suggestion.

It was so fun to think of being 21 and making it a point to go through the whole list in one night, which made me reflect on the next big milestone birthday for me (30) and what that list would include:

1. Keep drinking. You’re probably celebrating at home/not driving, and 2 glasses of wine are not birthday-caliber drinking

2. The party needs to go until AT LEAST midnight. Why are people leaving at 9:30?

3. Leave some Advil and water on your nightstand to get ahead of the game

4. Stop looking at your watch

5. Pay off your credit card balance in full (or at least find one with better interest rates)

6. Get a life insurance policy

7. Stop telling your friends you have “plans” when everyone knows you’re just binge watching Netflix’s latest release

8. Stop eating ramen noodles, it’s not food

9. Pay off your mortgage

10. Consider going to grad school

11. Watching Netflix for 13 hours straight is not acceptable. STOP

12. Roll over your 401K to an IRA

13. Decide grad school is not worth it, but give yourself a pat in the back because it’s the intention that counts

14. Become acquainted with your neighbors for once in your life

15. Cereal three times a day is not acceptable. Start making some REAL meals please

16. A little more Discovery/History channel, a little less E! and Bravo

17. Throw away your selfie stick and never look back

18. Learn to travel taking only a carry on (you don’t need a fur coat for a beach trip)

19. Either cancel your 10 year old LA Fitness Membership you haven’t used, or GET OFF THE COUCH

20. Nicki Minaj raps are not endorsable as a LinkedIn skill. Learn a language barbz

21. Text your promoters and ask them to please stop letting you know about the hottest parties in town, not like you’ve gone to any for the past 7 years or anything…

22. Delete your hotmail/aol account, and why on earth did it take you this long to do it?!

23. Let’s have a toast to the douchebags! And stop dating them -.-

24. Post an inappropriate Facebook status. Live a little!

25. Is that a Lean Cuisine I see on your plate? Oh bother… ?

26. Take 30 shots! Get a lap dance! Give a lap dance! Ok fine, 1 shot? No? Not even a lemon drop?

27. Remember when your top priority in life was to get caked by Steve Aoki? Oh it still is?…

28. Limit your use of emojis to 1 per text

29. Congratulations for making it to midnight! Now go to bed without doing ANY house chores #noOCDtonight

30. Start planning and mentally preparing to party for your 31st

Ha! This was fun 🙂 Friends, if you’re reading this, I’m hereby requesting a 30th birthday sign, preferably with none of the aforementioned items on it (except getting Caked by my boy Steve, that shall forever remain on the list).

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