Crafting: Not just your momma’s hobby

WCB Logo GrayEarlier this year, CNN Health published this article detailing the benefits of crafting as a “secret to happiness,” with known effects that resemble those of meditation.

As a Corporate America working girl (in my mid-twenties…), I long for an escape from my computer on a daily basis. I’ve always loved crafting and creating things – and I have a knack for making stuff out of literal trash. As the article states, crafting is considered a natural anti-depressant, and – don’t tell my mom – creative activities may be responsible for neuroplasticity, aka, anti-aging! What’s not to love?

I can attest first-hand to the soothing, exciting, and most of all, fulfilling sensations brought by crafting. It’s a huge part of my life – and my sanity. We all have our responsibilities with our jobs or school, and just the same, we all need to unwind. My way of ensuring I have a healthy work-life balance is with my crafting. Through this blog, I hope to share some of that with you.

Welcome to Work-Craft Balance.

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