Say Hello to the Newest Member of the Nytro Marketing Team!

Hey guys! I have some news for you 🙂 I know most of you are here for my craftventures, but this blog is named “Work-Craft Balance” after all, so I like to share parts of the W when they come to be.

When I started working for SAP, I met some cool people from a marketing agency that put on pretty big events for the Latin America region. The employees were the nicest, most accommodating and badass group of humans that ever existed. I loved getting to see them every time events came around, and we built great rapport over the years. In 2016, the CEO and top employees of that company decided to start over and build a new agency which they called Nytro Marketing, and we stayed in touch through social media as well as seeing each other at another annual SAP event, and both on different capacities as well. They were pitching customers, and I was now working for a global team. In those annual encounters, we’d always talk about what we were up to and we’d joke about me joining the Nytro team… until this month, when the joke became a reality!

Their business has grown exponentially over the past year, and they came knocking to see if I’d be interested in working with them since I have years of SAP experience, and they were looking for someone with my profile, based in the U.S. Check and check! Just when I had been thinking about what my next step would be, they found me ❤

I am so so so happy to join the Nytro team on a Project Management role, getting to leverage my experience but on a capacity where I get to learn and grow so much. I’ve already started to join calls on some big projects coming up, and I’m excited for the challenges ahead. I will be their only Miami-based lead, working remotely with a team spread across countries and time-zones galore.

Katherine Capeluto Doodle

All Nytro employees have a “doodle” on the website which describes their skills & passions. This is mine 🙂

This is especially a cool setting for me because after working for a massive international company of 90,000 employees, and later launching my own micro-business, this seems like a nice “midpoint.” 😉

Welcome to the journey. Here’s to #TheNytroExperience!


Six-Step Picstructions – Chinese Lantern Jellyfish/Medusas

Jellyfish Medusa Feature PicFirst off, let me start by saying: Thank you Pinterest!

Many people have tried and humiliatingly failed at some projects seen on Pinterest, but thankfully, this was not the case for my Jellyfish/Medusa project that was part of my 25th birthday “Adult Ariel goes to Vegas” pool party extravaganza!

Now on to the action! Here are some super easy Six-Step Picstructions to guide you along –

Materials needed
1. Chinese Lanterns (I got these from amazon)
2. Plastic Table Covers (I got these from Party City)*
3. Scissors
4. Wire Cutter (for the Chinese Lanterns’ internal wire)
5. Hot Glue Gun + Sticks (I love my wireless gun!)

Picstructions (click on the image to enlarge)
Six Stepper 1 - Jellyfish Lanterns

And that’s it! This project was super easy and fun to do. My mom helped me stretch the strips while watching TV. I would say it took us about an hour to go through one whole table cover. The best part? This wasn’t too expensive, and it’s going to be a great piece of decor for my yard. Will post pictures of the party once it happens!

You can buy these from my Etsy shop here.

*Table Covers: I had the most random issue with the purple and lavender table covers. For some reason, the “Caribbean Blue” covers (pictured) are very stretchy and giving, so you can pull a lot. Oddly enough, both purple tones I bought were incredibly rigid and it kept snapping while I stretched so those took a little longer to make.

Update 10/30/14 – check out all the party details here!

Crafting: Not just your momma’s hobby

WCB Logo GrayEarlier this year, CNN Health published this article detailing the benefits of crafting as a “secret to happiness,” with known effects that resemble those of meditation.

As a Corporate America working girl (in my mid-twenties…), I long for an escape from my computer on a daily basis. I’ve always loved crafting and creating things – and I have a knack for making stuff out of literal trash. As the article states, crafting is considered a natural anti-depressant, and – don’t tell my mom – creative activities may be responsible for neuroplasticity, aka, anti-aging! What’s not to love?

I can attest first-hand to the soothing, exciting, and most of all, fulfilling sensations brought by crafting. It’s a huge part of my life – and my sanity. We all have our responsibilities with our jobs or school, and just the same, we all need to unwind. My way of ensuring I have a healthy work-life balance is with my crafting. Through this blog, I hope to share some of that with you.

Welcome to Work-Craft Balance.