Six-Step Picstructions – Chinese Lantern Jellyfish/Medusas

Jellyfish Medusa Feature PicFirst off, let me start by saying: Thank you Pinterest!

Many people have tried and humiliatingly failed at some projects seen on Pinterest, but thankfully, this was not the case for my Jellyfish/Medusa project that was part of my 25th birthday “Adult Ariel goes to Vegas” pool party extravaganza!

Now on to the action! Here are some super easy Six-Step Picstructions to guide you along –

Materials needed
1. Chinese Lanterns (I got these from amazon)
2. Plastic Table Covers (I got these from Party City)*
3. Scissors
4. Wire Cutter (for the Chinese Lanterns’ internal wire)
5. Hot Glue Gun + Sticks (I love my wireless gun!)

Picstructions (click on the image to enlarge)
Six Stepper 1 - Jellyfish Lanterns

And that’s it! This project was super easy and fun to do. My mom helped me stretch the strips while watching TV. I would say it took us about an hour to go through one whole table cover. The best part? This wasn’t too expensive, and it’s going to be a great piece of decor for my yard. Will post pictures of the party once it happens!

You can buy these from my Etsy shop here.

*Table Covers: I had the most random issue with the purple and lavender table covers. For some reason, the “Caribbean Blue” covers (pictured) are very stretchy and giving, so you can pull a lot. Oddly enough, both purple tones I bought were incredibly rigid and it kept snapping while I stretched so those took a little longer to make.

Update 10/30/14 – check out all the party details here!

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