I’d like to get away with posting my travel adventures on this blog under the pretense that #ToTravelWellIsACraft – and I truly believe that it is. There are a number of ingredients that need to be present to have a good trip, namely:

  1. Good company! We all have friends we adore, but not all our friends make the best travel buddies, and that’s ok. Maybe your beach-loving friends are not so fond of hiking or sight-seeing, and vice versa. So before planning a trip, make sure that the group is well informed about the location, activities and expectations of each to avoid annoyance, group division, or even confrontation.
  2. Good mix of prior plans with flexibility for spontaneity: the best way to guarantee you get the most out of a trip is to plan at least some of the stops ahead of time, but also leave space to choose on the spot. Every city has its must-see stops that are widely known, so those could be at the top of your list, but you can leave some time open to explore and ask around for the best local places to visit.
  3. Good vibes! You need to have a rain or shine mentality when you go on a trip, because you don’t know how the destination’s weather/events will go 100%, so you need to be open to everything to guarantee you’ll have a good time regardless of out-of-your-control conditions.
  4. Be very aware of your budget: this is the boring and sucky part, but it’s necessary. You need to know how financially flexible your wallet is for a trip before booking, and make sure you leave room for unexpected expenses and to bring back souvenirs if you so choose.
  5. If you’re going international, make sure you do your cultural research! This is important from the very beginning, because it may influence the clothing you’ll pack, places you go, and maybe even the way you eat.

In short, just make sure you do your proper research about the destination, be realistic with your money, and make the conscious decision to have fun every step of the way 🙂

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