A little more vinyl, please!

You guys know that after being against trying it for such a long time, and then mildly flirting with it, I’m officially in a committed relationship with vinyl. Oracal, glitter, HTV, you name it, I want it in my life. Anything I can vinyl, I WILL VINYL. Since when is vinyl a verb? I digress…

My best friend’s sister, Andrea, has a few obsessions at the moment which I hope to help her enable:

  • Pineapples
  • The Little Mermaid (this makes us friends)
  • Personalized items

Andrea also has a new phone case every week, and if we keep this up, I’m going to make her my only customer! In any case, Andrea came over one night so I could spruce up a water bottle and a phone case for her, and I was so very happy to oblige.

The phone case: 

For the case, Andrea wanted to have her name accompanied by a pineapple. Easy enough! I got to work on Cricut Design Space, whipped up the design to her taste and cut away. She loved how it came out!


The water bottle:

For this big BIG bottle, Andrea wanted to see her favorite princess encasing her monogram. I’m happy to slap Ariel onto any and every object that comes my way, so I can keep, trying to be, part of her worlddddddddddd! (see what I did there?)


Andrea left super happy with newly personalized possessions, and I got my vinyl fix for the day. Win win!

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