Halloween 2017 DIY – Two On The Run Costumes & Winter Is Here!

You know I’m ALL about the DIY life for Halloween costumes. Do you remember this one? I’m still super proud of those two costumes, but this year was a whole new ball game, on a much tighter deadline.

My bff wanted to keep it simple but cute, so she decided she wanted to be a unicorn, but like the chillest unicorn ever. Horn from amazon, and a shirt by yours truly that said “I’m a unicorn, DUH” for anyone who dared ask. Done.

Her sister went shopping for one idea, and changed her mind during the shopping trip. She came to me with a yellow shirt and some felt and wanted me to turn her into a pineapple. Done.

Cut up the shirt. Drew the peaks. Made a crown out of felt, a headband and some poster board scraps.

I had been thinking about my costume for a while, but decided to pull the trigger the week of Halloween. My red hair was finally in its full glory, and my Game of Thrones fever was (is!) as strong as ever. I also just happened to have a burgundy statement necklace and a newfound love for makeup. Melisandre, you’re up. DONE!

Red hair? Owned. Necklace? Owned. Makeup? Owned. Robe? $12 on Amazon.

And that’s all folks! Another DIY Halloween in the books. Start preparing early for 2018, for the night is dark and full of terrors and you don’t want to show up in the same costume as everyone else…


A little more vinyl, please!

You guys know that after being against trying it for such a long time, and then mildly flirting with it, I’m officially in a committed relationship with vinyl. Oracal, glitter, HTV, you name it, I want it in my life. Anything I can vinyl, I WILL VINYL. Since when is vinyl a verb? I digress…

My best friend’s sister, Andrea, has a few obsessions at the moment which I hope to help her enable:

  • Pineapples
  • The Little Mermaid (this makes us friends)
  • Personalized items

Andrea also has a new phone case every week, and if we keep this up, I’m going to make her my only customer! In any case, Andrea came over one night so I could spruce up a water bottle and a phone case for her, and I was so very happy to oblige.

The phone case:Β 

For the case, Andrea wanted to have her name accompanied by a pineapple. Easy enough! I got to work on Cricut Design Space, whipped up the design to her taste and cut away. She loved how it came out!


The water bottle:

For this big BIG bottle, Andrea wanted to see her favorite princess encasing her monogram. I’m happy to slap Ariel onto any and every object that comes my way, so I can keep, trying to be, part of her worlddddddddddd! (see what I did there?)


Andrea left super happy with newly personalized possessions, and I got my vinyl fix for the day. Win win!