My apologies… I’m back!

Hey guys!

Welcoming 2016 with my beautiful mommy and grandma sporting my New Years Props! ❤ 

I’m sorry for being such a crappy blogger. I genuinely enjoy writing, especially about all my #craftventures, but sometimes the pressure of being constantly present and always delivering great content gets the better of me, and I fail to find inspiration for a good piece.

In order to combat this issue for 2016, I’ve worked on an editorial calendar in advance for the entire year where I have put placeholders for topics I am absolutely sure will be relevant for the date I’ve planned to post them, while also leaving some spaces to allow myself flexibility, depending on what’s going on at that moment.

In any case, this is a very brief post to let you all know that:


  1. From now on, I plan on posting a blog at least once a month on Tuesday, but will try my hardest to make it a weekly thing. This is a nerve wracking commitment for me to make, but now that it’s public, I’ll have to hold myself accountable somehow. May the odds be ever in my favor.
  2. I really like to document things, so I will be posting about some fun events or activities I got to be a part of since my last blog up until now (like five months… sorry!). I’ll get better at this, I promise.
  3. I love you! And the one place where I have miraculously managed to stay somewhat on top of is my Instagram account – @wcbcraftstudio – so if you’d like to know what I’ve been up to, feel free to head on over!
  4. I love to travel. LOVE TO TRAVEL. And thankfully, I’ve been granted some great opportunities to do so and see some beautiful places along the way. I also think I can pull off the concept that “to travel well is a craft” in order to get away with including my travel pieces in this same blog. The “Travel Bug” section of the page will be more active this year, and I hope you like it! But if you don’t think the content is relevant here, please feel free to bring me down from my cloud and I’ll put it elsewhere 🙂
  5. Recently, I FINALLY was able to transfer ALL the pictures I’ve ever taken (close to 30,000 or so… I shouldn’t be allowed near photography equipment), so get ready for some serious but fun throwbacks that will give you a little insight into my psych(o)e.

That’s all! I hereby sign off, for the first of 48(?) Tuesday blogs of 2016!

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