Vanessa’s Wedding Items!

Remember Vanessa’s Nauti Bach a few months back? Well, time to close off her wedding events with a quick blog of the items I made for her big day!

  • Customized Champagne Flutes for the bridal party: Vanessa asked if I could personalize some champagne flutes she’d purchased for the toast during her reception, and of course I said yes! She wanted flutes for herself and her new husband, her bridesmaids, her mom and her little sister. I actually did a #CraftingWithKathy episode with some tips to get the best results while doing this, so enjoy the footage!

  • Customized Canvas Tote Bags for her guests: Vanessa reached out to me and mentioned she had purchased 36 tote bags, and asked me if I could do a design for her based on something she’d seen online. Of course I said yes, put it together, criCut it, weeded them all & borrowed my friend’s heat press to feel very legit while making them 😉


  • A special shirt for her dad: every father who has recently seen his daughter get married can probably attest to the accuracy of this shirt. I’ll let you all decide…


I DIED when she asked me for the shirt and jumped at the opportunity to make it. Funny items are my favorite to undertake.

That’s it! I am so happy I got to make these things that gave a personalized and special touch to Vanessa’s wedding ❤

Riding Sturdy, Chapter 2: WCB Car Dealer, Inc.

After last week’s still unbelievably successful ramp construction, it was time to move on to the next item on the monster truck party order: the box trucks. Mateo’s mom saw a couple of images online of kids wearing boxes that were decorated like cars (like this one and this one on Pinterest), and wanted something similar for the party. This was probably one of the things I knew would be easiest to make out of the whole order, but still time consuming. The hardest parts were 1. Figuring out what size to buy the boxes. The party guest list included kids 3-5 years old, so the boxes had to be small enough to not drown them, but big enough to let them in with room. 2. Finding solid colored wrapping paper is so hard! Everything has patterns or lines or flowers, but I needed something completely solid. After hitting up a few stores, I managed to find the six colors I was looking for.

The list of materials for this project include: small box (got those at Walmart), wrapping paper, scissors (to cut the flaps off the boxes), tape (lots of it), a paper or plastic plate, contact paper, duct tape, ribbon, and whatever details you’d like to add to the car.

Now here’s an important step – since boxes come folded flat, it’s hard for them to stay squared/open once you wrap them. I used the flaps I cut off the boxes to create some sort of a “spring” that would keep the box squared with resistance (and more tape).



For the full craftutorial, watch this #CraftingWithKathy episode that *almost* didn’t happen but I decided to snap at the last possible moment, and even ended up bringing the “Pimp My Ride” franchise back to life…

Once I was done with them all, I thought my house looked like a car dealership. 😛 Stay tuned as I’m planning on bringing the big car prop to life next weekend!

Riding Sturdy, Chapter 1: Conceptualizing & Building a Ramp

As I shared on my last post, I’ve just agreed to build a ramp for a kid’s birthday party. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but here I am. It’s go time, no take-backsies.

After getting the call and agreeing to making the three items for this monster truck-themed birthday, the first step was running to my local hardware store and figuring out prices of materials because as I mentioned in the intro blog for this order, I’ve never done anything remotely like this before, so I have no idea what I’m getting myself into cost-wise (or other). I drew a rough sketch of what I wanted the ramp to look like, and looked around for materials that fit the bill. I ended up guesstimating I’d spend about $70-80 on materials, so I ran the quote and dimensions of the ramp by the customer, and with her green light bought everything I thought I’d need to bring this to life.

Have you ever underestimated the cost of materials? Rookie mistake. I do it almost always. I ended up spending about $2 under what I had quoted for this ramp… which would upset a normal person, but the quote had been agreed upon and the order was in motion, so what’s the point of getting mad at myself? No energy can be wasted on this, so I just called it “marketing budget” and swiped that card. Then, don’t ask me how, I managed to get the stuff on the roof of my car all by myself, and even though I almost lost a hand holding it down on the way due to high winds, I made it home in one piece. 

The following morning, I started to paint the pieces while my friend came over to help (huge shoutout to Sandy for being so patient and awesome and supportive and giving up her entire Saturday to ensure I got my orders done in time without losing my mind, or a limb).

Without further ado, please enjoy this #CraftingWithKathy episode for a behind the scenes look at the progress of the ramp.

And this was our result of a hard day’s work!

If you watched the video, you could hear my hesitation when we first got started, and my excitement at the end of the day when it dawned on me that I’d actually be able to pull this off. The rest of the work to be done is cosmetic, but the infrastructure (which is the hard, heavy lifting) is DONE! I can’t believe it. Stay tuned for the final result!

PS – I was able to return a few of the items I originally purchased… but then also had to buy a few more, so I’m not even sure at this point if I made any profit at all, but this project is my pride and joy and the satisfaction of having finished it is like nothing else!