#MyBestFriendsWedding Chapter 6: Serendipitous Gifting

This is a super quick entry I just HAD to write about!

So remember last year, when my best friend Michelle got engaged, I helped plan/decorate the engagement party at her parents house, but the gift I had ordered for her didn’t arrive on time to give it to her that day (I ordered late, and usually things from Etsy take a bit longer than from other sites).

Since they obviously didn’t have a registry and were already living together, I didn’t quite know what to get them, until one day the idea occurred to me: I should get them a stamp with their names and address, that they could use for anything – maybe even for their wedding envelopes! I found this gorgeous stamp on the BettyLuPaperie Etsy shop and I pulled the trigger. And when it finally arrived, Michelle loved it and without me saying it, she mentioned she could use it for her wedding invitations. Great minds thinking alike, and that was that, for the time being.

Fast-forward to when she ordered her invitations on Mint, originally we had talked about me doing the calligraphy, but since Mint offered to print addresses and names on envelopes as part of the package, she figured I had enough to do and it would be easiest to just get it printed.

So guess what?

The font she picked from Mint’s options was THE SAME FONT ON THE STAMP THAT I GOT HER!!! What are the chances? At the end, it worked out perfectly and the look on the envelopes was cohesive, front and back. Check out her invites on the left versus the stamp font on the right!

That’s all 🙂 Just wanted to jump on here and share the serendipitous joy with you all!

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