Happy New Year! Let’s Be Goal-Diggers in 2018

Hi friends! First post of the new year, so I’m going to keep it short. Promise!

I rarely set goals for the new year because I get in my head about accomplishing them, but I wanted to at least look ahead at some things I’d like to achieve that are very much within reach. In 2018, I’d like to:

  • Make new, challenging things: For the past three years I’ve been very proud of myself for things I made that I never imagined I’d even get asked to do (hello, ramp), and I hope to continue to broaden my experience portfolio in 2018
  •  Blog more: I know, I know. Same old. But really, I don’t just want to blog here, but I actually want to make it more of a point to blog across channels – on LinkedIn, on friends’ blogs, anywhere I feel I have something to contribute, as long as they have me.
  • Organize – and stay organized: I’m pretty good at organizing messes, but I don’t have a great track record of keeping it that way for long. This year, I’d like to be more conscious of my spaces and keep them as tidy as possible, which I know I’m going to have a very hard time doing with my best friend’s wedding coming up… but I’m sure going to try!
  • Make videos: I started making my #CraftingWithKathy Snapchat story episodes out of desire to share the process (not just the outcome), and I’d like to take that a step further with more making-of/behind the scenes videos, or also event recaps for parties I plan. I’m no videographer or editor, but that’s exactly what this goal-setting is about.

That’s it! I believe these four things – although not new or super scary – if done consistently will definitely make an impact on my skills, experience and exposure, and ultimately make me more well-rounded in my craftventures.

What are your goals for 2018? What’s something you wish you would’ve done last year but didn’t due to fear or life getting in the way? Let me know in the comments below!

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