Simple Project Sundays: Kitchen Spices Display

This little project came about unexpectedly during my trip to Colombia while visiting my family – well, the one who wasn’t expecting it was me, because my mom and grandma actually had been waiting for my arrival to ask me to do this haha!

Having recently moved into a new house, my grandma is still finding her way around the kitchen, something that is very important as she absolutely LOVES to cook and it’s where she spends the majority of her day (she’s also a bit of a hoarder and owns every spice known to man and has endless amounts of mismatched containers… that’s where I come in!)

Since my mom remodeled the space for her and wanted everything to look as organized as possible, we went and got some glass jars with gold lids, and since not every spice is distinguishable, they asked me to make some pretty labels for them.

I used recycled paper and a regular pen to try and create a vintage look for the containers. The whole thing didn’t take too long so it’s perfect for a little update around the house on a Sunday, and now the kitchen shelves look nice and everyone knows what’s what! Happy grandma, happy house 🙂

Here’s the step-by-step gallery –


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