Disney is my life: Minnie Ears Gone Wild!

If you don’t know by now, let me make this very clear because you will see plenty of it in my blog forever and ever: I. LOVE. DISNEY. Disney Disney Disney. Disney. Are we clear? Awesome, moving on!

One of the last times my friends and I went to Disney, we all bought the traditional black and red sequin Minnie Ears, and every time we go back I’m tempted to buy another set because they really are so cute – but in my best effort to control my shopaholic urges, I’ve just stuck with the one pair.Ariel WCB

About six months ago, I decided I wanted to try and make my own pair of ears, inspired by my favorite princess: Ariel! Since I hadn’t gone to Disney with them yet, this trip had me even more excited so I could rock my ears. As I’m always thinking of stuff to craft, the week before the trip I had the idea of taking DIY to the next level and making ears for all of my friends based on their favorite princesses as well. For this group, I needed to make one Snow White, one Cinderella, one Pocahontas, and two Belles.

Before taking a trip to JoAnn Fabrics and spending crazy amounts of time and money (as my credit card is still on lockdown), I decided to make some quick sketches of what I wanted the ears to look like, and these are my very basic designs. The sketches got modified somewhat once I started playing with the fabrics and I saw what I could do, but I highly recommend doing this prior to crafting stuff so you can see your vision on paper before you start working on it.

Doing this also really helped me with the concepts and narrowed down the fabric and accessory search a lot. These are all part sewed and part glued, and I have to say my favorite is Pocahontas. As soon as I saw that fabric, I knew I had to go with it.

Without further ado, here are all of the ears, and the happy models 🙂

PS: if you’d like to order one, I’m open to working on new ideas (villains, maybe? hehe), or different versions of these. Just shoot me an e-mail!


Pocahontas WCB

Snow White

Snow White WCB


Cinderella WCBBelle

Belle WCB

The Group!

Group Ears WCB

PSS: Meeting Ariel while wearing my ears? Life. Made!

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