Halloween 2017 DIY – Two On The Run Costumes & Winter Is Here!

You know I’m ALL about the DIY life for Halloween costumes. Do you remember this one? I’m still super proud of those two costumes, but this year was a whole new ball game, on a much tighter deadline.

My bff wanted to keep it simple but cute, so she decided she wanted to be a unicorn, but like the chillest unicorn ever. Horn from amazon, and a shirt by yours truly that said “I’m a unicorn, DUH” for anyone who dared ask. Done.

Her sister went shopping for one idea, and changed her mind during the shopping trip. She came to me with a yellow shirt and some felt and wanted me to turn her into a pineapple. Done.

Cut up the shirt. Drew the peaks. Made a crown out of felt, a headband and some poster board scraps.

I had been thinking about my costume for a while, but decided to pull the trigger the week of Halloween. My red hair was finally in its full glory, and my Game of Thrones fever was (is!) as strong as ever. I also just happened to have a burgundy statement necklace and a newfound love for makeup. Melisandre, you’re up. DONE!

Red hair? Owned. Necklace? Owned. Makeup? Owned. Robe? $12 on Amazon.

And that’s all folks! Another DIY Halloween in the books. Start preparing early for 2018, for the night is dark and full of terrors and you don’t want to show up in the same costume as everyone else…


DPhiE Turns 100! #DPHIE100

And for that, the C in WCB stands for Centennial today πŸ˜€

I can’t recall if I’ve written much about DPhiE (Delta Phi Epsilon, my sorority) on the blog, but I can summarize it with the following:

  • 100 years ago, five women who were shunned from joining other sororities due to their religious beliefs, banded together to create a non-sectarian organization, welcoming women from all walks of life who were looking to uphold the values of dedication, pride, excellence, justice, sisterhood and love. In 2007, that organization welcomed me to their Alpha Gamma chapter at FIU, and today my career and my circle of friends has been shaped almost exclusively by that experience.

I have so much to thank DPhiE for – giving me confidence in myself to reach for high opportunities, exposing me to people from all kinds of backgrounds, improving and cultivating my skills (something I’d realize the value of once in Corporate America), and just an overall exponential growth that would’ve otherwise been unlikely to happen without my immersive experience in it.

As my sisters all over the world get ready to celebrate 100 years of sisterhood and all that it means to each of us, headquarters is hosting a couple of events, for which they reached out to me to create a set of custom, jumbo and glittery props to liven up pictures. I also made some of these for the bi-annual convention, so behold, a purple and gold parade of your dreams!

I had a blast designing these, and I do have a special attachment to them because of what DPhiE means to me. The pictures honestly don’t do the shine of the glitter justice, but trust me when I tell you that coupled with the camera flash, they’re BLINDING! My favorites to make were the DPhiE 100 with the centennial written in cursive in front (cursive font is Magnolia Sky for anyone interested), and the white iridescent circle with the 100 in the middle of the dot triangle. That was the new DPhiE logo, and I got to bring it to life with endless glitter. #Obsessed.

I also got some shots of sisters enjoying the props during the event:

The “throw what you know” hand sign in perspective (bottom right picture) is EVERYTHING! Love seeing the props in action by real unicorns ❀

Hope you guys liked these props and to my sisters all over: Happy Centennial! YITS!