Moroccan Bridal Shower Invites

Hello friends! Now that the year has begun and we got our goal-setting in order, let’s start strong by tackling two head on: make things I haven’t made and make more videos!

With my best friend’s wedding fast-approaching on March 24th, the first big event leading to it is her bridal shower, which I’m planning together with her mom, Marta, and hosting at my house. The first step to get the event going: Invitations.

I wanted something that went with the theme and that was truly personalized, and after my search, I found this invitation image on Pinterest, which was a total “YES YES YES this is it!” moment. I couldn’t find the original maker, but it seemed they were in the UK and so it wasn’t really plausible to get it from them. Hence, the decision to DIY. Now, how?

My friend Sandy mentioned that heat-reactive foil worked on ink that was laser-printed when ran through a laminator. Unfortunately (and I’m still not sure why) when I attempted it, it didn’t work 😦

Then my friend Dorcas recommended I try heat embossing (and Sandy had actually gifted me the embossing tool about a year before) so when that attempt worked out, I knew this was the way to go. I bought the card stock and printed the invitation, and now, onto the fun of embossing. Embossing is a technique where you use an adhesive fluid, heat-reactive powder, and a heating tool that melts the powder to create a metallic effect. I made a video of the process for you all to enjoy, so here it is:

Wasn’t that cool? I swear after 40+ invitations, I was still mesmerized by the effect every single time! The list of materials I used can be found at the end of the blog 🙂

Now, onto envelopes –

I follow a few calligraphers on Instagram, but I think one of the best ones is @calligkatrina, who works on all surfaces and has some stunning fonts as part of her portfolio. When I saw this envelope layout she did, I immediately knew that I was going to use that as inspiration. Because my calligraphy skills are limited, I created a template to keep my lines straight, and I’m actually extremely happy with how it all turned out!

Now off to the post office, lets get some ladies to join us for the bridal shower, shall we?

Have you tried heat embossing before? Here’s a list of the materials I used and where I got them:

1. Card stock (which I cut down from 7.5 x 5.5 to 7 x 5 because I didn’t realize they wouldn’t fit the envelopes otherwise: Hobby Lobby

2. Rose Gold Embossing Powder: Amazon

3. Versa Mark Ink Pad: Michael’s

4. Circle Pattern Stamp: Michael’s

5. Embossing Heat Tool: Michael’s

6. Inkadinkado Anti-Static Pouch: Amazon

7. Pink recycled envelopes: Amazon

8. Rose gold metallic Sharpie marker: Amazon (comes in an assorted 3-pack)

9. Celebration Boutonniere Forever Stamps: USPS

DIY Toddler Toy Chest – Jungle 1, 2, 3 Theme

I know I’m not alone in the #CrazyAuntsClub being absolutely obsessed with my nephew and wanting to give him literally everything he may possibly enjoy, and as a crazy crafter, when the chance comes along to personalize something for him, I’m always on board before I even get asked.

Before my gorgeous and perfect little monster David Alejandro was born, my mom wanted to get him (among other things) something that could be used in his room and that could last him a long time. We were at Michael’s one random Sunday, and stumbled upon a plain blue knit style chest in the basket section, which my mom thought would be useful for anything. She gave me the “can you do something with this?” look, and my eyes lit up. I went over to the paint section to buy a few colors to add to my stash, and we barely made it out of the car before I started working on it.

My brother and his wife decided to decorate David’s room with the Jungle 1, 2, 3 theme, and so my mom wanted me to personalize the chest to seem like it was part of the set. Theme? Check. Paint? Check. Canvas? Check! I started drawing right away, even though I wasn’t sure how I would tie it all together or make it work, I was just anxious to start seeing it come alive.

I started with the monkey in the front – my brother has always had a thing for monkeys and we knew that should be the predominant image. Then I went to one side and made the giraffe, and drew the elephant on the opposite panel. Even though the animals were cute, I felt they were missing something. Since the monkey looked like he was hanging from something, I started painting a branch for him, and proceeded to make a full blown tree run along the whole chest. Looking at the front, I realized that the panel on the top lid had enough tiles to fit his first and middle names, with spaces and everything! I went into my bag of wooden letters, jumped of excitement for having the ones I needed, painted and glued them on to make it even more stimulating for David.

To finish off, the Jungle 1, 2, 3 set only has those 3 main characters, but I saw a couple of other interpretations of the theme with more animals like lions, zebras, birds, etc., so I thought it would be a nice complement to add the lion on the lid. It fit in perfectly:

Top Lid

Top Lid

And that’s it! I’m super proud of how it came out. I did 2 or 3 coats for each of the characters since the fabric absorbs a lot of the paint, and it really looks like it’s part of the original set.

Finished Product

Finished Product

My brother and his wife have used it in a couple of different ways, first for his clothes, and most recently it became his Toy Treasure Chest. It warms my heart to see him playing with it – he lives in Colombia so it’s mostly through FaceTime or videos – but he just looks SOOO cute next to it ❤

David Alejandro getting some thorough use from his toy chest <3

David Alejandro getting some thorough use from his toy chest ❤

I know for a fact that lots of aunts and moms out there go crazy crafting for the babies and toddlers of the house, and I would love to see some of your work! Comment below and link back to your blogs if you have them up 🙂

My life revolves around maps… Canvas Travel Map DIY

I think at this point it’s pretty clear I have a thing for maps and lists, right? But since pretty much all of this obsession has yielded multiple DIY projects I’ve accomplished with massive discounts, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and call it a day. Cool? Cool.

Do you remember WAYYYYY back in the day when Facebook had a map functionality (which I’m sure it still does, it’s just not “trending” right now) where you could input all the places in the world where you had been and also see what percentage of the world you friends had traveled? Well, this definitely sparked my interest in having a more tangible version of this that I could look at to inspire my wanderlust bucket list, and also would make me feel happy bringing back memories while looking at the places I had been before.

Making this happen took quite a while because as usual, when you have such a strong vision of something you want it’s either super expensive, or it doesn’t exist. In my case, I really wasn’t keen on paying more than a certain amount for something I knew I could make happen for a much lower cost, so I started the hunt!


The first item I was looking for was an actual canvas map of decent size. It’s funny because this was actually MY VERY FIRST GROUPON PURCHASE!! Throwback! #TBT… Now I don’t know about you, but Groupon is definitely one of my top go-to sites/apps when I’m doing research on an item because it usually has some pretty good offers, and this was a great deal to this day from what I’ve seen. Anyways, at the time, Groupon was offering this great deal on canvas maps that were originally close to $80 for just $19.99 + free shipping. I chose the earth-toned unframed map (no longer available) because I wanted the map to be on a cork board so I could stick pins on the places I’d visited. The Groupon was as easy as buy, choose, order! I was very excited when my map came in, and it absolutely fit the vintage-y vibe I was going for.


After finding the map, it spent a couple of years rolled up waiting for a cork board that fit the size, had the right framing, and of course, was pocket-friendly. One day while I was at Jo-Ann looking for god knows what, I stumbled upon this cork board that looked like it would be a good fit for the map, and it was on clearance! I wasn’t sure about the measurements, but I took the plunge and bought it. To my great delight, it fit it ALMOST perfectly. Isn’t it the best when you stumble upon what you need when you’re not looking for it? YES! Yes it is! Now for the “almost” perfect fit part – the map actually has a cute border design, but it went a little over the frame on the cork board. Not to worry though – pair of scissors enter stage right and bam! I cut off the bottom border and glued it on top of the canvas so it’s still there and now the map fit perfectly! You can’t even tell it’s cut & glued unless I told you.


I glued the edges of the map (not the middle so it wouldn’t make the canvas too hard for the pins) to the cork board with some Beacon 527 Multi-Purpose Glue , which is literally my life and soul. I love that freaking glue! And then I wanted the map to kind of look like “dropping a pin” in real life, so I bought some red Loops & Threads Long Pearlized Pins at Michael’s, and started pinning away my prior travels. My map looks like it got chicken pox all over North & South America (and a tiny bit in Europe) and I love it! I’m doing my best to keep spreading the red all over 😉

WCB DIY Travel Map 1

Chicken pox hitting hard in the western hemisphere!


Map = $19.99

Frame = $11.99

Pins = $4.99

Glue = $2.50 (coupons!)

TOTAL: $39.47

The WHOLE project is up and running for under $40! And it will of course be a beautiful addition to my beloved Craft Room 🙂

WCB DIY Travel Map 2

Dropping a pin on my most recent and unforgettably amazing trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco ❤