Christmas & New Years Without My Craft Room :(

Lately, when I leave my house I feel a little bit of anxiety… for being away from my craft room, out of fear I’ll need a tool or something else I may have in there while I’m away. Or if I have an order in progress, I’m afraid of my house catching on fire, not because of my house, but because of the order. I know, I need a therapist lol, I’ve just really grown fond of being there and all my crafty possessions.

With this in mind, you can imagine when I go on an actual trip out of town, I may or may not go as far as caressing the walls on the way out, a little bit like this…

So when I left to Colombia for my prince’s birthday and to spend the holidays with the family, I took some coloring pencils, all my sketch books, some photo booth props I pre-made (for the birthday, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve), and that was it. Basically, anxiety to the MAX.

Then, my family decided that Christmas Eve would be celebrated at my grandma’s house, where we barely have some lights here and there, but no tree, or nativity, or garlands, or pretty much anything to make it feel like the season. With very little time and zero knowledge of places where I could get supplies, all while trying to not spend much money, my mom asked me to transform the house into a Christmas town. Want to guess how long I had to make this happen? SIX hours. Want to guess how much I missed my craft room and supplies? Manic depressive mode FULLY ON.

So… I ransacked my grandma’s closets and boudoirs looking for possible decor, grabbed my coloring pencils and my agenda, ripped out some pages, and tried to make a semi-cute garland. On ruled paper. I died a little inside. But hey, true creativity comes not exclusively while in the optimal environment. On the contrary, the true test of creativity is when you “make do” with what you have. Chopped style!

Here’s a little gallery of the transformation I was able to pull off for Christmas at my grandma’s!

So all in all, thanks to some last minute rentals, my foresight to bring the props and some bibbidi bobbidi boop magic, the Christmas town transformation was successfully pulled off! But just imagine what I could’ve done with a tenth of my supplies?

Moving on to December 31st… For New Year’s Eve, we were going to my grandma’s sister’s house, so thankfully I wasn’t in charge of decorating, but I still wanted to pitch in for the festivities, so besides making props (which everyone really enjoyed!) I wanted to make a garland I had seen… where do you think? Pinterest, of course. I don’t know what possessed me to make the props yellow and black, but they seemed like a good color palette for NYE, and so I wanted to also make the garland in that combination so that it seemed orchestrated. I got some tissue paper and got to work (toggle over the pictures to see instructions in each caption!)

So that’s it! Even though I missed my craft room and supplies TERRIBLY and I wish I could carry my entire stash on me, Mary Poppins style, I’m still happy with what I was able to accomplish on the fly 🙂



Wedding Props – Karyn & Samuel

There’s no greater feeling than working on the things you love to do, but when you get a chance to have your work be a part of the special day for a family member, it just makes everything 10 times better. When my sister got engaged, it was a very special time since she’s the first of the kids to get married, and we knew she would go all out! I loved having a chance to help her brainstorm on some stuff, and I sent her a copy of The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss, which to this day is one of the best event-planning guides and especially helpful for brides everywhere. Highly recommend! Mindy is a renowned luxury event planner, and the book is great for any type of wedding regardless of budget, denomination or location.

When it came down to thinking of something I could physically make for the reception, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than photo booth props because I knew my sister was getting a ton of fun masks and hats and all other kinds of items for the “hora loca” (crazy hour) part of the reception. Since we are originally Venezuelan and there were a lot of people flying in for the wedding, my sister wanted to have a mix of English and Spanish props, and since she’s Jewish, I wanted to add a reference to that as well. At the time, I didn’t have my Cricut, so all of these was done printed and cut by hand!

The props were used a lot for pictures all over the reception, I lost track of them because I was having a lot of fun myself, but I did manage to get a few pictures of them!

Photo booth props always bring out the humor in everyone at any kind of event, and I really loved to be a part of the fun for my sister’s big day through my crafting 🙂 #MazelTov

Halloween 2014 – On a SERIOUS budget!

After my 25th birthday party, I decided to make my credit card take a sabbatical, because with December holidays so close by, I was sure the magnetic band would fall off at some point.

The thing is, Halloween was the following week, and my friends and I had spoken about throwing a party at one of our houses, and since I hadn’t done anything for Halloween for the past three years, I really had to make it happen this time around. On the other hand, my brother told me he wanted to dress my nephew up as Bam Bam because at his endearing 10 months, all he does is hit stuff. I looked up Bam Bam costumes online, but I wasn’t a huge fan of any of them. Naturally, I decided to make it myself! Both costumes came out great, and all for under $20!

My costume: Black Widow (Avenger) – $0

We had agreed on doing a Superhero theme for the group, and from the get-go I decided to don the Black Widow attire for the night, partly because I was pretty sure I could pull it off without spending a single dollar. I wore black leggings, a black leather jacket, black booties (all staple items in any woman’s closet), and I gave my hair a serious curling to replicate her hair style in Iron Man 2 – but what really pulled it all together was the pose!

There’s a still of Scarlett Johanson mid-fight scene where she’s stretched out for a second before her next move, and I knew I had to replicate it to validate me as Natasha Romanoff for the night.


My nephew’s costume: Bam Bam – $18.11

Since I’m not a full blown seamstress and I was making this costume without having his exact measurements, I decided to buy some sort of pants/shorts that I could cover in orange felt. My brother wanted him to wear a shirt even though Bam Bam doesn’t have a top in the cartoon, so we figured a tan or brown shirt would be the best option. I went to Walmart and I bought:

  • Bam Bam Making Of WCBOrange felt – for the shorts – $0.23 per sheet, used 3
  • Black felt – for the triangles in the skirt and hat – $0.23 per sheet, used 1
  • White felt – for the hair and bone holding his sash – $0.23 per sheet, used 1
  • Brown sweatpants – for the undergarment – $3.99
  • Brown shirt – I cut off the sleeves so it would be a little more rustic – $3.99
  • Orange beanie hat – $3.99
  • Tan infinity scarf – it caught my eye as a potential sash and it worked out great – $4.99

David Bam Bam WCB

I cut off the pants’ bottoms, sewed the orange felt around the waist line, cut off black triangles of felt and hot glued them to the bottoms, cut off the shirt’s sleeves, and glued little black triangles to the hat. I also used two cotton balls for the top of the hat, and I cut off two bone shapes from the white felt and filled it with some more cotton balls to make it look like a fuller bone. I glued the bone to the scarf, and voila!

The costume was a total success. The fabric was fresh and stretchy enough for my nephew to play around in, and everyone was happy. And now, for the cutest Bam Bam in history (who couldn’t keep his hat on straight… but who can resist that smile?!) Ta-da!

To close off, I had recently taken advantage of a JoAnn cardstock paper sale (5 for $1.00), so I had pretty much every color in stock. I used these to make some quick superhero themed photo booth props for the party. POW!

Super Props WCB

Two costumes + photo booth props, less than $20! Halloween 2014 on a SERIOUS budget = success!

Little Mermaid Takes Vegas! 25th Birthday Pool Extravaganza

I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am to FINALLY be able to share this here. I worked on this party non-stop for two months – which was honestly way too long for me, because I kept having more and more ideas and it almost got too crazy – and I’m just so happy with the way everything turned out! Here are some insights to how this all came together:

1. This party was originally supposed to happen in the summer, as a Vegas-style pool bash with my friends. It never happened, and I needed an idea to celebrate my 25th, so it just fit.

2. One night in the shower (where the best ideas just come right?) I was thinking about my love for all things Little Mermaid and then – BOOM – epiphany! Pool party + Little Mermaid = perfection. Obviously, as a 25th birthday, the concept became more of a “Little Mermaid Grew Up and went to Vegas” theme, and all the innocence went out the window.

3. Everything started coming to me right then and there. I went on Pinterest and created a secret board called “Mermaid Party” (now public) with lots of ideas to keep in mind, and my event planner self went into overdrive, creating Word docs, Excel Spreadsheets… the works. I started going to thrift shops and bought a few things for super cheap, which gave me room to spend more on the important things.

Now, here are the top 10 party items:

Cake WCB1. The Cake: instead of starting off small, I have to just go for it – this cake was everything I wanted and more! I would’ve  been 100% happy with just the cake, and no party at all! I found this cake on Pinterest, and did the research and saw that the original artwork was from Tim Shumate, and the cake artist was located in… WALES… halfway across the world! Sigh… As a huge perfectionist, I just wasn’t sure anyone would be able to replicate that masterpiece by Fabricake South Wales, but then I remembered visiting Cakes, Desserts & Beyond earlier in the year for my friend’s baby shower, and I thought if someone could do it, it would be them – and boy did they deliver! I was so obsessed with the final result, I almost cried when time came to cut the cake, and I actually saved the Ariel art, and I’m working on framing it now… More on that later. Anyways, here it is:

2. The Slide: I had thought of getting a slide, but then dismissed the thought for fear it would be too expensive. Then my friends brought it up, and they helped me find this one from Miramar Party Rental, which just fit the theme perfectly!

Slide WCB

3. The Favors: my friends at ETK Enterprises took care of ordering these punny “She Wants the D” koozies for me. I got the idea after browsing online (I wanted to find something that both genders would enjoy and want to take home), and everyone asked if I had extra so they could share with their friends! Total hit 🙂

Koozies WCB

4. The Props: This was probably one of the first things I started doing. I practically made everyone’s hair/heads (even Grimsby!), and a few inappropriate sayings to go along. “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter” – I mean, how could I not?! Making photobooth props is probably one of the things I enjoy doing the most, and I discovered some pretty good drawing skills I didn’t know I had.

All Props WCB

5. The Bathing Suit: of course with all of the theme decor in place, I had to look the part! I found these high waisted mermaid bathing suit bottoms (even better, ready to ship) from Alicia Zenobia’s Etsy shop, and the top is originally from Tommy Bahama, but I purchased it for half price at I also wore this Ariel top from Hot Topic to cover up.

Bathing Suit WCB

6. The Dessert Table/Backdrop: I saw this backdrop on Pinterest/Etsy, and in an effort to save money wherever I could, I decided to make it myself (no cricut!). The dessert table also had these Cake Pops (I had never made them before, and I must say, they came out pretty good for my first time) some Brigadeiros (a Brazilian truffle my coworker taught me how to make), white and purple sixlets chocolates (like M&Ms), and some shiny teal gumballs to complete the color scheme.

Cake Table WCB

7. The Face-In-Hole: this was one of those things included in the “i had way too much time to plan this party and kept coming up with more things to do” category. I had a huge cardboard cover from my Ikea desk, and I started thinking it was a good potential face-in-hole canvas. I made it a little raunchy to keep up with the adulthood level of the party, and my friends had a lot of fun with it!

Face In Hole WCB

8. The Mermaid Lagoon Sign: once again, let’s thank Pinterest for existing and running my life. I pinned this sign to my Mermaid Party board, and I just knew I HAD to make it myself. I bought a long plank of wood from Home Depot, sawed it into 3 chunks (there was actually a 4th smaller piece I ended up using to make a bathroom sign so my guests knew which door it was) drilled it, painted it, and voila!

Mermaid Lagoon Sign WCB

9. The Drinks: I have to thank my brother for coming through as a mixologist last-minute. All I knew is that I wanted a blue drink and a purple one to stick with the theme/color scheme, and he just mixed the right amounts of everything. We used Blue Curacao Liqueur and Blue Fruit Punch to give the color to the blue drink, and cranberry and grape juices for the purple one. I labeled them “Mermaid Water” and “Ursula’s Purple Haze.”

Drinks WCB

10. The Decor: obviously, what tied it all together! Lots of small things that helped this very adult party stay true to the magic of the Little Mermaid (Fun Fact: the Little Mermaid came out in 1989, same year I was born! Coincidence? I think not.)

**Tutorial on how to make the Chinese Lantern Medusa/Jellyfish here, or you can buy them directly from my Etsy shop.

Anddddd that’s it. Again, I am beyond ecstatic to finally get to share this, I hope you get some good ideas for your own events, and feel free to comment below and leave your feedback! I will be posting some of these items on my Etsy shop for anyone who may be interested in buying them for their own parties.

Event Planning – “Ahoy Baby Max” Nautical Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love a nautical theme? I mean, really, I’m surrounded by anchor-loving people – and it’s completely understandable. The nautical theme is so versatile, gender-neutral, and truly timeless… What’s not to love?

When my friend told me she wanted to have a nautical-themed baby shower for her baby boy Max, I got to pinning stuff on Pinterest right away. There are so many ideas for “Ahoy it’s a boy,” that you really can’t go wrong with this theme. My friend wanted to do a navy + yellow color scheme instead of the typical navy + red combination, which made it a bit more original. We made pretty much everything from the diaper cakes to the popcorn cups, and had a blast with it all. Here are the highlights –


Cookies by Something Sweet Miami

Photobooth Props

To purchase a set of these Nautical Photo Booth Props, head over to the listing on my Etsy page, WCB Craft Studio.