Photography Corner: Max Turns 1

Max Turns 1

Time sure does fly! A little bit over a year ago, my friend Silvia and I were planning her beautiful and memorable “Ahoy it’s a boy!” nautical-themed Baby Shower for little baby Max, and here we are, celebrating his first full turn around the sun!

She chose an adorable circus theme for the occasion, and executed every detail impeccably! The weather wasn’t playing along too nicely at the beginning of the day with some serious wind gusts that kept knocking things down, but it ended up being a good thing because the South Florida heat can be very unforgiving, and we were all refreshed with the breeze.

Max had an absolute blast, playing with all the props, trying all the delicious foods (and boy did he love the sugar rush!), and more than anything else, dancing the day away! Turns out, Max has quite the moves and dances along to any genre – and he happily entertained his guests with some smooth moves all day long.

Silvia came to me a few weeks back about capturing the day for them, since she read quite a few mommy blogs that mentioned their regrets for not having enough pictures to look back on it, and she didn’t want to fall in that category. She made my job easy, with absolutely beautiful details at every turn, and I’d like to highlight a few in particular:

1. The First Birthday Stats Sign – our talented friend Karissa at Kustom Kreations by K put together this STUNNING first birthday stats sign that listed all of Max’s physical and personal characteristics. The attention to detail was unbelievable, and the board was the perfect complement to every single space of the party. Can’t say enough good things about it! The sign was also used for Max’s first birthday shoot, and the pictures were part of the decor too. Amazing job Karissa!


2. The cake – you could say Silvia and I are huge fans of our friend Hector at Cakes, Desserts & Beyond (he made my Modern Ariel birthday cake that I’m still dying over, and also this Star Wars-themed cake for Silvia’s husband’s 30th birthday) and who can blame us?! His cake creations are not only beautiful on the outside, but truly delicious and worth every bite on the inside. Max’s beautifully detailed circus-themed cake had a nutella and strawberry filling and I’m going to stop the description right here because I am getting a sugar rush just thinking about it. It was soooo good!


3. Centerpieces/Decor – Silvia put together the most adorable centerpieces using photos from Max’s first year photoshoot, and some allusive circus items for each table. There were also lots of details throughout the party like Max lollipops, popcorn, cotton candy, souvenir cups, clown noses, admission tickets, bubbles, circus signs, a mini tent – the list goes on and on. Everything was so fun and had the circus feel all around.

The party was a total hit, and Max had an absolute blast. Here’s the full gallery –

Happy birthday Max!!!!!

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